An Aura of Love

God said:

Love can be overwhelming. You may not have been used to its full expression . Love may have been subverted in your life, perhaps put in a drawer, kept for only certain occasions, occasions of state, dressed-up affairs, pulled out for dress rehearsals, otherwise shoved to the periphery, sort of a step-child set aside. Love sometimes isn’t counted for much, shoved to the end of the line, as if love could take a back seat.

Love is not ego-driven. Therefore love knows its own worth. Love does not know front of the line or back of the line. Love has been like a tremor not always heard. Yet the sky is dripping in love. The sun shines it. The sodden earth receives it. Trees whisper it. Flowers reveal it. Hearts throb in it. Love rules.

Consider love an aura, an inescapable aura! Consider that you are on the threshold of love. Consider that you walk in love. You stride in love. You cannot miss it. You cannot step over it. You can only walk through love. It will cling to you. You carry it with you. It is your daily portion. It is not for emergency use only. It is not hard-tack. It is love.

We could say that you are apportioned your share, but that would be misleading. Yes, love is shared, yet all of love is assigned to you. Everyone has all of it at your disposal. It is for you to use. You are a magician of love. You have love in your pocket like an endless string of colorful handkerchiefs, one tied to the other. There is no end to this stream of handkerchiefs pulled from the magician’s pocket, and there is no end to the love that surges from your heart. Endless is love. Everflowing is love. You have it all to spend.

I did not give you an allowance of love. I gave you all of it. Yours for the giving. It is easier to give love than to ask for it. What need have you to ask for love when all of love is at your fingertips? when your heart is overflowing with love? when your heart has more love than it knows what to do with? when love is multiplied in your heart by the minute? when love flows through your veins? when a thought of it enters your head? when it will not keep silent any longer? when it will announce itself no matter what? when it will no longer scrape its feet or stammer? when it opens its mouth wide and declares itself for all to hear? when it says:

“Look, I am love. And I’m going to pour myself everywhere. No longer will I be held back. I am love, and I am love to express. I express myself now. I express myself from your heart. Better get used to it. I am having my say. I am going forth unbreached. I am going forth to announce myself. I will sing my song everywhere. I will sing it loud and I will sing it soft. I will carry the tune of love. I am love from your heart, and I am clear. You are going to notice me now. I am going to take over your life, and I am going to take over the world. I am love abounding, and I am going to abound. I am going to abscond with you. I am taking you with me on this adventure of love. Hold on to your hat.”

And so spoke the love in your heart. Now you have only to watch as love spills from your heart and spills from your lips, all the while, spilling from Heaven.