Remember Love, Beloveds

God said:

Do nothing unless it is from your heart.

Do not give a penny unless it is from your heart.

You are not intended to be separated from your heart any more than you are meant to be separated from Me. Close to Me, your heart will be part of everything you do.

Even when your heart is not happy, nevertheless, when your heart is in service to Me, when you remember My love and you recognize My love, you will feel the heartbeat of your own heart. I hear it now. Even in a situation difficult for you, you will find you have love to spare.

Commitment may express love. Duty may. Scrubbing a floor may. A floor can be scrubbed with love inherent, or it can be scrubbed with resentment. If you are going to scrub a floor, why not do it with love? Then it is easy. Remember love, beloveds.

The task you least like to do, you can give more love to.

The person you least like to deal with, you can give more love to.

Love does not have to be highlighted. You do not need to toot its horn. You just need to give. Give it silently. Silent love reaches far. You are capable of transcending restriction of your heart. So, then, why not let go?

Is it that you feel obliged to continue resenting someone and not loving them? If you did not take joy from someone yesterday, does that mean you must never find joy in them? Or never give them any?

Beloveds, do not waste your time on less than joy or less than love.

Commitment and duty may express love. Adhering to them may express love. But love is its own. Love does not know obligation. Joy does not.

If you have a contract with life, it is to give joy and to give love. Give in a way that another can accept. This is why I say to give love silently in those situations that require it. If someone doesn’t feel love in their heart for you, they will not welcome great overtures from you. But no one has the authority to stop the flow of love from your heart.

From the silent recesses of your heart, let your love escape and reach wherever it travels.

When you do not feel love in your heart for another, love yourself. Then you will know what is good to do. Nothing but the giving of love is worth its name. All the righteousness in the world is not worth love. All the righteous indignation in your heart is not worth a milli-ounce of love. Why, then, must you bother with indignation no matter what grievous error precipitated it?

You may feel that someone has taken something away from you, cheated you perhaps, put one over on you, disregarded you. Do you then, because of their poverty of heart, erase love from yours? This is your heart of love we are speaking of. You have one heart. Give your heart precedence over everything else, certainly over correcting someone else and pointing out to them the error of their ways. You know where that takes you. It takes you nowhere at all. It doesn’t matter how much more you know than someone else. If you really do know more than they do, you won’t consider abandoning the love in your heart and giving them something else instead.

They may have abandoned the love in their heart, but We are talking about you . I am addressing you. I am addressing you as My beloved who is listening to Me this minute with a heart of love. Just remember love. Let no one clamp the love in your heart. I would have you keep your heart open. Open your heart. That is the only recourse you have. Come out of any situation with more love in your heart than before. See how big love is.