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Amma in Michigan and San Ramon - 2 small videos

There are small videos of Amma during Her recent stay in Michigan and San Ramon:

Love and big hugs to all !

never heard of Amma. Looked

never heard of Amma.
Looked for her in google video and found this :

What I loved about it, That someone asked her "Aren't you getting tired from seeing so many people all the time ?", So she answered "When there's love - There's no effort"......

Thanks for sharing Berit

Dearest Hagi, this is a

Dearest Hagi,

this is a part of the biographical video of Amma entitled "River of Love". A wonderful video really !! I love this final part here, it shows Amma in all Her Love and Beauty and neverending Joy, I always wanted to share this part here of the video but I hadn't the means to do so. I didn't know about the google videos of Amma and I will have a good look at them !
I thank you very very much for this sharing dear Hagi, lot's of hugs and blessings to you dear !


Thank you for sharing, her

Thank you for sharing, her Divinity has brought tears into my eyes.( I am already a easy crier.)