Amazing Oneness

God said:

Beloved, herein lies My heart as I give it to you in words – as if I express My heart in words taken from Heaven and typed on a computer.

Beloved, there are matters of significance that cannot be expressed fully in words, not even in the Word God, as it is avowed to be in so many varied sound waves. Varied names are attested to from wherever you happen to hail from. Yes, of course, I answer to My Names in joy no matter how far-flung they are across the Universe and noted all over the world and known to represent Me. It isn’t solely by what exact name you call me that matters. That you call Me is what matters. If sound did not exist, you would still have a knowingness of Me and be enriched.

You may have realized Me as a bare caress on the nape of your neck. This, too, may have been a light touch of My Love for you. Or perhaps you heard something not quite fully heard, yet you were melted by Me in the Highest. Then you have heard this from Me – not in a manner of speech but rather in a manner of silence. Of course, I can speak without sound or words, and I am known, and you know My Love. My Silence reaches far beyond the world. You are able to catch My drift wordlessly.

At the same time as you would like to exist in My green pastures and be claimed by Me, you also may resist the idea of being another lamb claimed. Naturally, you do not like Me to overlook you. You would not like to be bereft of Me in the slightest. Don’t worry, this will never happen. One is One. We are happy in Oneness above all the world.

In any case, I prefer Oneness. Oneness is the claim I establish. Beloved, ten horses could not pry apart what you and I are to each other, and why would anyone try to pry Oneness apart? Nor, Beloved, could pliers possibly ply Oneness into less than Oneness. I am not called Almighty God for nothing. I bequeath Myself to you. Indeed, I AM your inheritance. In your DNA, AM I. In this sense, I have proprietary rights, which include Oneness with you free and clear.

Oneness means Oneness. We are not two factions of One God. By no means are either of us or I two halves of One God through the terrains of life. We are awakened somewhat to My Glory and therefore to the Glory of your Self, hand in hand with Mine in ordinary life and also far and beyond to the furthest extent of life while thou art in Heaven.

In the fullness of One, I burst forth in song to Amazing Oneness from the mountain tops. Be sure to know that Oneness isn’t two halves. There is nothing more to add to Oneness. The whole gang’s here. We are at the apex now, yet there is always more to express, and express We do. To express is not the same as describing. You can reveal, yet not describe. Throw your arms up wide to the Heavens in jubilation with Me. Never do We go along except hand in hand.

Heretofore, you have hidden yourself in plain view away from yourself. Now, We stand tall in this Our Congregate of One. We are exactly in full Oneness. We are not pinned together. We are One.

Wholeness is wholeness, and We are It, you and I, One, Seamless Whole.

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Divine Faith

"Heretofore, you have hidden yourself in plain view away from yourself. Now, We stand tall in this Our Congregate of One. We are exactly in full Oneness. We are not pinned together. We are One."

Thank you God. I AM be cause WE are ONE. I have so much gratitude for my journey and I lovingly give you all my Faith, all my Love and all my Trust. Thank you for allowing me to embrace my Divinity and to Be the Open Heart our Sweet, Sweet, Earth longs for.