Up and Away in My Beautiful, My Beautiful Balloon

God said:

Beloved, it has long been bruited that today comes once and is not always waiting in the wings for you. Today is now or never. Make hay while the sun shines. So long as time is believed in, haste makes waste. Haste is life on the move, and haste gets the day started. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may. Oil the gears, and rev up the motor.

You are on the crossbows today. Make today happen. Sleepy day or wide awake day, it is yours to do with as you will.

Start today off on the right foot. There is no better time than the present. This is a totally new day, and today is yours for the asking. That is, it arrives for you today to get it going. Up and away!

It isn’t that today must quickly be disbursed. Align with today. Make it a day of service to Me and to the world and a good day for all.

You are the leader of today. Today is at your feet, yet it is you who bows to today and wishes it Godspeed. Shine some light on today. It isn’t lavish of you to say that you have the wherewithal to make this day a better day with your presence. There is a reason why you are here on Earth today. Of course, a good reason for you to be here is to bless the day and the Earth you occupy and whose air you breathe. You are here for something. I tell you that you are here for Me and the betterment of Earth and all its inhabitants.

I welcome you. Today welcomes you. Whatever can the matter be?

Ends do not have to be tied up tight. Unlatch the locks. Open up today and send it aloft like a beautiful balloon.

That today’s ending is unknown isn’t meant to be a deterrent to joy for you. Today is of your making. It may also be to your surprise. It is also yours to shine.

Look forward to this day. Make room for it. Today is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Put your sunglasses on. Fasten your seatbelt and take off to make the skies sunny. Lighten up today. What would you toss your hat up for today in celebration? What could make today a red letter day for your life?

Today is for something and not nothing. Yes, today is a free ride, and yet you don’t just sit there. You have a once in a lifetime adventure before you. You are not baggage in this day. You are an artist and writer of days. You are not solely a passenger. Get up front and steer your day Heavenward. I am on the lookout for you.

If today is for you to do as you will, what do you will? What would you like this day to look like? What garden would you like to plant? What would you like life today to look like? What is all this that you would like to get done? And what would you be delighted to have appear before you? What would you like to realize that you have never realized before? What matters to you today? What are you here for to make today divine?

Surely today is more than a day to get through. This could be a day to be agog with. Why not? Today is a day of all possibilities. Pick one! Pick two! Pick three! Possibilities are not endings, you understand. Pick beginnings! What if the world is your oyster? What could this mean to you?

Climb high. Do not fear the heights. Do not lay low. Here is one wonderful day like another arrow in your quiver. What do you aim your arrow at?

Love? Merit? What form might joy take for you today?