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A Trilogy of Wounded Animal Poems

This past summer, on 3 separate occasions, God sent me 'wounded' animals. I composed poems and discovered that these signs from Our Loving Creator helped me along my healing journey:

The Seagull

Sitting on the pillar pier so regal and so straight
We threw fish to the seagull while our own dinner we ate.
He caught the fish and swallowed with wings holding him in place
His eyes were clear, a determined look seemed evident on his face.

We named him “Pooch” and threw him food-we'd shout his name so clear
With razor eyes he looked at us and knew his meal was near.
We'd toss the food and while we ate -thought nothing of this game
Until I saw the horror – this seagull's leg was lame.

The end of his leg had no webbed foot but he knew he must survive
And must live life to the fullest – yes to even thrive.
He held himself with dignity with pride on his seagull face
No matter he had lost a limb, he possessed a sense of grace.

We wondered what had happened though– did his precious foot get caught
On one of man's contraptions – a fishing line drawn taut?
Or did this precious creature lose its little quarter leg
On those plastic rings we throw away-on those the blame I'd peg.

Preserve, conserve remember this courageous amputee
Before you take an action that can hurt our precious sea.

The Limping Rooster

Bus never came, no taxi in sight - I was left standing by the road
I felt a little frustration when a lesson I was showed.
A rooster with his little brood was walking with a limp
Had to gather up his brood – this rooster was no wimp.
They had to cross a Bermuda road – I don't know the reason why
I could see his determination – he had to give this a try.
Some might say he was a fool to walk into the street
But this rooster had a knowing – no way he could be beat.
Within himself an instinct lay – we all should live this way
To feel God's loving presence to guide us through our day.

A car drove by came to a stop when I put my hand up high
The driver saw what I beheld and followed my gaze with his eye.
And I realized I was the angel and my bus I didn't miss
I was put there for a reason – to be able to witness this.
And when the scene was over I asked God for a ride
Within oh twenty seconds, a taxi was by my side.
I smiled on the ride to town reflecting on all I see
Remember when I walk with God there's perfect harmony.

The Butterfly

Fluttering wings in peripheral vision I gasped to see the sight
A monarch butterfly on my chair – a surprise to see it alight.
It hovered on the armchair's cloth, it didn't fly away
A sign from God – a blessing – on my new path I should stay.
I looked more closely at its wing, it had a little tear
This beautiful creature was injured, sometimes life seems so unfair.
but after it had its little rest, it once again took flight
No sign that it was injured, as it soared out of my sight.

Blessings and peace and love to all!

You deeply touch me

You deeply touch me Marysunshine, with these poems. I love animals, God’s creations and it hurts when you see them hurt in some way or another. You redeemed the ones that crossed your path with your love and actions,……… that warms my heart! You did at the same time; recognize these ‘wounded’ animals as signs of God and their determination, trust and endurance were inspirations to your healing journey. What a great example!

Thank you for opening my eyes,

such wonderful attention to

such wonderful attention
to God's equal creations
such detailed description
that brings us to elation

TY Mary sunshine
For shining God's light
Of love, in life