A Starting Place

God said:

The word Enlightenment gives the impression of a static arrival, as if, when you get there, you stay there, and you are, for all intents and purposes, done, the way cookies in an oven are done.

The word Enlightenment denotes a starting place. This is where you begin. This is literally where you began. You came from Enlightenment, dear ones, and now you are growing to the realization of this.

It is not that when you arrive at Enlightenment that you have arrived. It is not a stopping place. It is only an inn by the wayside. Perhaps you can put a marker there, but then you keep going.

It is not really that there is an Enlightenment I and an Enlightenment II, for there is no end to your progress along the road. You don’t receive a diploma. There is no graduation ceremony, no grand announcement. And you don’t make an announcement either. It is not for you to say, “I am enlightened.” That makes it seem like a conclusion, or that you have taken a most marvelous step, as if Enlightenment is an accomplishment of your own, as if you worked hard at it and finally achieved it. You never finish your walk, beloveds. And, besides, you didn’t do anything but finally notice what always was.

Don’t be dismayed that you haven’t reached a pinnacle. It’s a good thing. Do you really want to stop growing?

Beloveds, it is not really a hill you are climbing. It’s more like you follow a curve, more like walking along a rainbow, yet you are not going in circles. Well, let’s think of it more as a spiraling helix, more like your DNA you are climbing. Your DNA is not one static thing any more than Enlightenment is.

How did the word Enlightenment get capitalized? It is not meant to be, except at the beginning of a sentence. Enlightenment is not a big deal. It is natural, and it is to be expected. It is not exactly finding the Holy Grail. What you are doing with enlightenment is seeing better. You don’t have to squint so much. You see vaster. You see light better. You see your light and My light entwined. Stated plainly, with enlightenment, you begin to see. The blinders come off. Anyone can do it. Everyone will.

It does not make you proud to be enlightened. It will make you humble. Get used to it.

It’s okay to hold so-called enlightenment in awe. Hold enlightenment in awe as a wonderful beginning, and remember you are a beginner. You are at the starting line. And about time, I say! Don’t pin any medals on your shirt. If you want, you can embroider “Beginner” in small print. Do not take enlightenment nor yourself so seriously. Have I made that clear?

Be happy you meet with Me. Meeting with Me is another story. As nice as it is, it is not an accomplishment either. It is a foregone conclusion. It has been foretold. You are supposed to be meeting with Me, beloveds. You are supposed to reach into My heart and find yourself here. You are supposed to locate yourself in My unlocatable but well-known heart. What has taken you so long?

There is a cosmic joke. As you become more enlightened, instead of your being more and greater and so wonderful as you had hoped, now you disappear into My radiance, and your Identity, so long sought after, is now merged with Mine. You find you have left your prowess behind and have only Mine.

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1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said Beloveds
Disappear into My heart
And find yourself here

Love, Light and Aloha!

"to be enlightened" . . . by

"to be enlightened" . . . by "the Light of The World" . . . by "the Light that has lighted the world" . . . is like having someone turn on the lights to allow you to see - to see where you are . . and to see what's around you . . . and to see where you're going - the light in your room . . . the street lights at night along the sidewalks and roadways . . . the head-lights on your car . . . so that you can make your way wothout hitting into obstacles or dangers . . .

also . . . you become a reflector or mirror of "that Light" -- "no one lights a lamp and hides it beneath a bushel, but rather places his light out so that everyone can see . . . " :)

So well said Michael! Thank

So well said Michael! Thank you for letting me, see it that way.

.......and God, as always, is right: we are enlightened, had forgotten and are in the process of remembering.
Thank you for awakening our divine memory!

Let there be Light!


WONDERFUL ;) :wub: :thumbup:


Enlightened people take

Enlightened people take things lightly.