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A new french angel translator....

Dear angels,

As Gloria suggest me I put this mail on the forum. When I propose my french translations I receive a so lovely reception!! So that is my answer :
Hooo!! thank you Gloria for such a joy! I feel it through your words.
I am so grateful for this meeting at this moment of my life : just what I need! Nothing more, nothing less : these some daily words which make echo in my divine inner. It is a pleasure for me to receive, every day, this letter in my mailbox, and a pleasure, every day, to translate it because it speaks to me better when I read it in French. I would thus put my translations on the site and I am going to try to translate some letters beforehand for those who wish to receive them in French. I do not speak very well English, on the other hand I speak very well French, the translations should be rather good, I have in heart not to betray the text.
Thank you for your warm reception!
I feel my wings growing now that I am promoted translating angel!!
God bless you, Gloria and THANK YOU VERY MUCH

In my timelife I am a women, I have two children and I was a doctor, then a healer. But now, there is some changes... God put me in holidays for a time, because I need it, and I need to be with me in my heart, with him, and not every time with the others, to help, to heal, to explain, to guide. Now it is a time for me and God. So I am very happy when I meet this Heavenletters and to have, each day, some God's words. As I said to Gloria : " it is like just I "remember", like this words are inside me and now I can listen and read it outside".
Happy to be among you, and happy near to all!

Welcome, new French

Welcome, new French translator!

And how beautiful and interesting you are! Great photo! (Everyone will see it in next Heaven News.)

Your English is very understandable, angel. What a lovely romantic language French is!

Your heart and your intention are just what make an excellent translator for Heavenletters. With your heart, you can only translate just the way God would want.

Be sure you do not burn yourself out. However many or few you can translate, we are overjoyed. Only when it's easy and a pleasure for you.

I will introduce you to Anne. I will give Anne your email address as well. Okay with you? She will also want to translate as she can accommodate so you two will want to coordinate.

Thank God we now have you too!

Some general things:

1. Please keep the name Heavenletters™ in English in every language. We want the name Heavenletters™ to be known all over the world.

2. Please include in French at the bottom of your translation: translated by (and your name)

3. Please post your translations where the other French translations are on the forum as well.

4. Please include the Heavenletter # with each translation.

4. Please email your translations to a special address from where they will then be sent out to subscribers. I also request that you cc: me so that I know you've translated and can thank you. I've sent you the special address. Christine, if Santhan or Mauro or someone writes to you and gives you a different address to send to, please know that they are authorized. They are the ones doing the technical matters and all the work!.

5. When you have questions about a particular translation, please post your question on the Global Translator Circle.

There are a few more details.Translators know better than I the presentation that is best for the tech angels. Is there a translating angel who would post here more about the sending of translations? I seem to remember that you are requested to use plain text? What else?

Christine, thank you for posting on this forum. Your love for God and Heavenletters bursts through. You will inspire many, dear one. Also, the other translators will want to have an opportunity to greet you. There is such a nice bunch of translators, beloved Christine.

And I am so happy to learn more about you.

There is a recent blog entry called Being Ourselves. It is about a man who dared to be true to himself and change his occupation. Really, Christine, I thought, what does someone like a doctor do? He has trained for so long, and what if he doesn't always want to do what doctors do?

And now here you appear, and you are taking this time to be yourself.

God bless you, Christine.

With love,


greetings at your beginning

Dear Christine,

your warm feelings are sparkling across your words and beyond it across the world.

Yes, we are God, translated. So, when we translate, we understand better the words - in another language - in front of us, we understand better the words of God and the words of our lives, of our past and present lives. And we are forgetting most of them. The new ones are overwhelming and overtaking.
Whoever will read them in France or in Germany, in Croatia or in Turkey, they will be grasped by our warm hearts which we had during our translations, by our waves of love, which carried us to suitable words and melodies, during our work finding words in our mother tongue in the hours of translating.

You know who you are, dear angel - what a treasure -, so let us be happy being together,

Theophil - one of the German translators

hank you Theophil

Thank you, Theophil, for this warm message. I feel magnificently in agreement with your way of seeing the translation : "our warm hearts which we had during our translations, by our waves of love, which carried us to suitable words and melodies, during our work finding words in our mother tongue in the hours of translating." and be happy to be with all of you.
Just a correction for the end of my first post : HAPPY NEW YEAR for all!
(Sorry, I don't speak english, I speak frenglish!)

Yes, beautiful words about

Yes, beautiful words about being a translator of Gods words, or being God translating his own words- that is what is reminded to us every day - it is our inner resonance that really makes us believe that what we read is full of truth - probably you will get addictet to Heavenletters, dear Christine, but stronger than any addiction it is your Self that knows you are integrally joined to the freedom of the promises and teachings that God serves us every day through Gloria.
Happy welcome here

Theophil, Stefan, and

Theophil, Stefan, and Christine, I am in awe of your comments. So very beautiful.