A Continuum Called Life

God said:

From the silence of your heart comes the fulfillment of My dream, which, in terms of your awareness, you return yourself to Me and abide with Me. This is how all burden leaves, for, with Me, there is no burden. With Me, there are only colors that appear before you, forming myriad shapes, folding and unfolding themselves in myriad sounds, emerging from a funnel of thought, as it were, folding and unfolding back to the Original Love, a painting painting itself, a flute-song piping itself, a longing calling itself by name, demonstrating its inventiveness, like a flag furling and unfurling in the breeze of love.

Magnificent is this discovery of imagination twirled into all that appears to be. It is all a presentation, a display of love -- and how far away it can seem to go and spring back into its Original Self.

Stay with Me, and you will see only a movie before you. You will clap your hands in delight. Your face will show your reaction as you sit calmly in My love, knowing that this is only a display you see, like a firework display at the Versailles in France or on a sidewalk in the Bronx.

It will come to matter not much where you are and what is going on because, through it all, you are observing, and what a panorama you see before you! Yet what you see doesn’t overtake you.

Life becomes more exciting and more calm all at once. Life becomes like bubble gum, stretched out, pulled this way and that, and remains, when all is said and done, bubble gum! No matter what bubble gum is made into, it’s still bubble gum.

You do not take bubble gum seriously, do you? That is how to take life, just like a chaw on some bubble-gum. Bubble gum comes in many colors and flavors, but bubble gum does not depend on these in order to be bubble gum. So it is with life.

Whatever colors, shapes, and sizes your life appears in, it is still life. It is still love.

Let’s entitle your life Love of Life, and go ahead and love it, every delicious turn of it. Let your life become like a fashion model who turns this way and that, showing off her finery, prancing and turning, yet not looking back, rather looking above the audience, living her role as model, knowing full well that model is not who she is. No matter how spectacular a model she is, her modeling has nothing to do with her true whereabouts and Who she is.

You are a remarkable Being who has been misnamed and misunderstood. You have misunderstood yourself. You have deprived yourself because you have taken life so seriously. You have become life’s servant. Beloveds, life is to serve you. It is not to frighten you. Life is not meant to be a set-up. You are not meant to be a character in a mystery who screams. You are meant to be a child of God who goes through the forest unscathed, not even considering that he can be lost. Lost from what? Lost from the love in your own heart? Lost from the love of the universe? Lost from the love of the One God Who fashioned you out of His love for you and all of creation?

Made in My image, now dance on the screen of life and know you never leave My radar. My radar is My love. You are ever in My sight. Now may I be in yours so that you will delight in all that occurs, your stumbles as well as your elations. You will know you are marching in a continuum called life. You will know that it is a dream appearing before you, that you are dreamer, the one dreamed of, and the dream itself, that you are the force of life itself, and that it is good. You are elevated in My heart, and I will never let you fall.

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Thank you.....

Thank you.....