From the Known to the Unknown

God said:

You are on a sea voyage and a land voyage. You also travel over the air. There are moon voyages and voyages to Mars. There will be voyages to every known place, and then more planets will become known. You are a traveler in space and time. You are on a planet now. Space travel is not new to you.

And there is exploration of the mind. All travel is of the mind, you understand. It is the mind that takes note of it. The mind explores itself. All the outside is accounted for by the mind. Your mind wants to explore everything and know everything. Your mind is learning to supply your heart with all the blessings of the Universe. It is like the mind forages, and the heart eats.

You love discovery. You might say that you don’t favor mystery, but you love to travel to unknown lands and explore their terrain. You love to find out something you didn’t know before. You love to use your senses. What else did you think they were for if not exploration? Your senses are sensors that pick up everything. And then your mind makes a certain sense of them, and then your mind and senses go on to explore more.

Is there any delicious recipe that you do not want to taste? Is there any view that you do not want to see from? Is there any mountain you don’t want to climb, even if only in thought? Is there any sea you don’t want to dip in and compare to other seas and choose your favorite?

What rooms have you not wanted to walk through? What cupboard, what drawer, have you not desired to open? Whatever presents itself to you, you want to see. You want to sniff it and then move on to newer discoveries.

You are an explorer on Earth. Every day you enter unknown territory. Even if you have lived in the same spot all your life, you don’t know what’s going to occur today. You travel through the known to the unknown in order to discover what has not yet been discovered.

You may have traveled the Mississippi every day of your life, and each time there is an adventure awaiting you. You may have walked the same street every day, and yet each day is not the same as the day before. Much depends upon the time of day and events and people that occur there. There may be break-dancing or a solemn march. The possibility of any number of things exists.

Beloveds, you could be in a fort with walls ten feet thick, and still you are open to what may come. A perfectly appointed home, rich in color and design, does not keep you apart from life. Life takes over everywhere. Life has a lot to say, and it says it spontaneously. It offers itself up to you, just as it is.

There is no book nor chart to tell you what is going to occur today. Your day is up for grabs. Go with it then. Do not restrict your day. Let it have its day, run its course, and pick you up with it. Your day is alive. It is not dormant. It won’t sit still. It will be itself today whatever you think of it. And yet you will make something of it as well.

There is no shield from life, beloveds, nor should there be. Life is alive. Life emerges. It does not stagnate. The days evolve, and you evolve with them. You have not stopped growing. You are, as a matter of fact, just beginning. The beginning of your life is upon you. You are all set to go. Buckle your boots. Get onto the horse of today. You have a good ride before you. Be open. Tell your horse where you want it to go, and then let it get you there, or take you where it will.