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10 Year anniversary of

Maybe we can all get Gloria to do an anniversary celebration post on the blog :)

Nobel prize for Gloria

For some time my impression and help from here called me to - if not elseway try through petition make this...

Enlighten me if necessary;)

Beloved Eden,What an

Beloved Eden,

What an inspirer you are!

What an amazing campaign you have embraced and initiated. God bless you. .

I'll worry about the ethics of accepting an award on God's Behalf later on!.

What a thrilling idea, Eden. I see you come from Slovenia, precious soul. Yet my heart asks: "My dear, where did you come from?" and "Where have you been?"

Of course, God wants Heavenletters to be known all over the world. He wants million of readers.

Now, let me go to the subscriber data base to find you I'll be right back.

Alas, I do not find you, Eden. I don't know how to reach you. Please contact me, will you?

What a doer you are!

Loving you, Gloria

P.S. We're about a year away from our 20th anniversary!