Your Fate

God said:

Once in a while, you have glimpses of Me, glimpses so unmistakable, that you can hardly believe in your good fortune. The only reason you can hardly believe is that you have an inaccurate picture of yourself. Perhaps you see yourself as unworthy far more often than you see yourself as worthiness itself. What you really need are more glimpses of yourself. Then you will see Me right and left.

Once you open your eyes wider to yourself, you will see I am within you. You will see that I am yours. You will see that I am much more yours than the body you cart around. I am much more yours than anything else in the world. Open your eyes while you are on earth. Don't wait for another time. You can recognize more of Me at any moment. Now is as good as any.

Everything in the world stays in your hand for only a short span of illusive time, but I am permanent. I am the only permanence there is in the whole wide world and beyond. You can never be without Me. There is no way to rid yourself of Me! You and I are seamless. We are so entwined that there is nothing else but you and Me, and that means We are One. We are locked together in love. Locked together is the freedom you desire.

To think of it — One with God. To think that you have a Resource within you that is so encompassing, so wise, so omnipresent, omniscient, so your heart's desire. To think that I am tappable. To think that I am yours at every moment. To think that you can experience My Presence. To think that you can melt into My heart. To think that We can drink from the same cup. To think that you are far more than you know, that anyone knows or possibly suspects. To think that you have My blessing. To think that you are My blessing. To think that One such as I and One such as you exist in all the realms. We are hand-holding Friends, and We travel together, far and near. No matter what, We are, and We are One.

Concede that you are worthy, despite everything, despite all your faults, despite all your ignorance, despite your physicalness, despite your moods, despite your fears, despite your perceived inadequacies. Despite anything, concede that you are precious to Me. For what purpose would you disagree with Me on this? For what purpose would you deny yourself the realization of the Greatest Relationship in the world, the Greatest Union, the Greatest Truth, the Greatest Love, the Greatest Joy? For what purpose would you continue playing hopscotch with love, as if love were a random stone to be tossed around in chalked squares?

You and I have always been related. We have been related in Oneness. There is love, and it has been objectified, but in truth, love is the subject. That you are a manifestation of My love means that love alone is, and We are love. We are so much love, We are Oneness, and from Oneness We cannot depart. From now on, not even in thought, not even in imagination, not even in illusion, can you or I be away from Our Oneness. There is no you and I. That is a projection. There is only I, and yet life in the world is mostly seen as a departure from Me.

Anything else but Our Oneness of Love is a tangent. A tangent is a lasso that goes out and means to bring what is desired closer. But there is nothing for you to lasso out there, for everything is here, right here, right now, right in Our immutable Presence, right now in the heart of Us and Everyone. There is nothing between Us. Not even love can be between Us because We are Love, and Love is Oneness, and Love Alone Is. Accept your fate. Your fate is Love.

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