Whose Vision?

God said:

How wonderful I am, your God before you!

But you do not quite believe that I am so wonderful or that I am always before you. There are moments when you do, but much of the time you are disappointed in Me and yourself, because My Will is not so evident as you would like it to be. I have not revealed Myself the way you would like.

You feel that something has been held back from you and from the world. You ask, "Why doesn't this God of the Universe come out and show Himself to everyone and thus change the existent world of men? Why doesn't this Holy God promote peace on Earth for all so we can see it? Why doesn't love overtly reign?"

You waywardly think, "Maybe God doesn't exist after all. All the attention on Him is just something to get our minds off our pain and the pain of the world."

You expound, "There are products in the world that can clean up any stains and spots. There are cans of paint that can brighten any room. There are products that can change the color of hair and make it shinier. And these products do live up to their promise. Why on earth then does God not clean up the world, and right now?"

Your heart further bemoans, "Is this God my kind of God, after all? Have I put all my trust and faith into a God Who does not come to the rescue? Is a can of paint more trustworthy than Almighty God?"

You know that products on earth work only on the surface, yet your heart nevertheless cries out, "Please, God, give us some surface. Change the appearance of the world."

But I will not change the appearance. I know what I have created. What you see is your eyesight. What you see is your vision. It is not Mine.

If you look at the things that are small, you are looking at the small. Rest your eyes a moment. Move back a little and see from another perspective. See from the perspective of what is beautiful. You have been peering out as one who looks for the painful rather than the beautiful.

The beautiful is there. It longs to be seen. And you are the one to see it.

Today the whole world will be quite different when you look out with eyes claiming beauty. When everyone looks out with the intent of securing the beautiful, beautiful will be seen. It is already there. It will become more evident. It will be pointed out more.

You have been looking out with eyes that say: "Hmph, do you see what I see? Look at all this disarray. Look at all this disaster. Where is that God? What has He been doing?"

Let these thoughts occur to you now:

"What have I, this Human being, been looking at? Have I been looking at what primarily is amiss? And therefore making what is amiss indelible? Have I been looking for error rather than truth? Why do I want God to perform miracles when I can change the face of the Earth right now with my vision and my thoughts?

"Have I been waiting for others to do this for me? Have I been waiting for someone else's eyes to begin and then I will follow? Have others' eyes perhaps been waiting for me? Who has been appointed leader of the world? Who has pre-empted my right to create a world of peace and a world of beauty?

"My thoughts can settle the world. My vision can impart golden light to the world. All I have to do is to bring my vision closer to truth. Is God's word not good enough for me? Who am I to demand more?

"I pray to God for guidance. I pray to God to bestow my love through Him upon Him and upon all creation. I pray to God to give me the eyes to see and His Will to accelerate mine so that I may benefit the world. What I think about accrues itself to me and to the others who are also like me and long for goodness and greatness. Now I give and accrue blessings in the light of God's Will.

"God always answers me, and now I hear."

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Yes, I hear you God.

"My thoughts can settle the world. My vision can impart golden light to the world."

And now, God, I ask that You hear me. Show me how I may benefit the world.