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God said:

What does it mean, to give your heart to Me?

Surrender is not slipping your heart under the table. It is not something you do surreptitiously. It is not something you do with fanfare either. Giving your heart to Me is your awareness of where it already is, and allowing it to be there. Do not take your heart away from Mine. Do not think that your heart belongs to you and to you alone.

Giving away, giving up, giving out, giving in are not surrender. You don't give up anything when you surrender to Me. Surrender is recognition of Truth. You are not the Truth-Maker. You are the Truth-receiver. You are the receptor of truth, and My truth is love. Giving your heart to Me is allowing yourself to be loved.

There is no tug of war going on here. You do not lose a thing by offering your heart to Me. Giving your heart to Me is not a concession you make, not at all. Do you concede when you accept a treasure that is offered you? Do you compromise yourself when you accept blessings?

When someone calls your name, and you turn, have you altered yourself?

I call your name, and you hear Me — that is surrender. What have you acceded to, in that case, but love?

By surrender, you break down your defenses. Defenses are barriers. They are put-off's. They are resistance. Resistance is a slow barrier. Resistance is awkward. Acceptance is grace.

Think of the word "acceptance" rather than the word "surrender". And yet "acceptance" isn't quite the right word either. Acceptance seems to come from a decision of the mind, saying yes rather than no, yet such acceptance has residual reservation.

How do you deign to accept that which is already yours?

How do you eat a scone and then during or after, when you have already chewed and swallowed it, say, "I think I will eat that scone"? The deed was done.

So you think you will accept My love? What is not to accept? Would you quibble?

It is arrogance that debates with Me. And arrogance comes from ignorance. Arrogance and ignorance are something you can give up. From that giving up, you gain. From that giving up, you begin.

Are you mightier than I? Do you know more than I? Do you make better decisions? Do you second-guess Me? Do you try to set Me straight? Do you interpret Me or do you accept Me? Or do you compete with Me?

Everyone finds Me himself. No one gives Me to you. I am not an explanation. I am not a discourse. Columbus discovered America, but then everyone had to come see for himself. All the descriptions in the world are but descriptions. You want My presence, not a tale about Me.

But I am not your discovery. I am everyone's discovery. I belong to no one. I belong to everyone. You may discover Me, but I am not your discovery. You do not become important because you awaken to My eternal presence. That is when you become humble. That is when you shine in My light so bright that you are immersed in Mine. Where is your individual flame now?

Pride is a concern of the world. Ego is a trick of the world. Ego is a mask you have put on. Ego pats you on the back and doesn't quite let you kneel to Me. Ego crunches your heart. Dissuade yourself from ego. You put no man above Me, nor do you put yourself above Me.

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"It is arrogance that

"It is arrogance that debates with me.."

Not free will, ie. opinion, given by yourself then?. My mistake. (Again)
2 home goals in the space of a week. How much longer, god?.
IAM unable to recall Our pact, incidentally. .

One chooses to accept God

One chooses to accept God into one's life. That is the freedom given to every being. In the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna in his confusion and despondency allows God to hold the reins of his chariot and steer. Grace moves all things according to the natural order and we get given a ride that is transcendental!

I think surrender is not an "if" or "maybe" thing. One does not debate with the one that one surrenders to. Then it would not be surrender. That is the choice we are given. To surrender or not to surrender, that is the choice :)

I too do not recall any pact! Thank you for the inspiring comment cT.

One Love

Beloved One Love, when I

Beloved One Love, when I read your beautiful words above, I agree wholeheartedly. There is no debate with God. It is a surrender.

And then later I find myself wondering. Did I choose? I don't know. It seems to me that God came upon me. It was like the choice made itself and then I noticed. It's more like after many many years, I woke up knowing something I didn't know before. Did I CHOOSE? I don't know.

Would I choose? Yes, I would. I certainly would. Wouldn't anyone choose if they could? But is it a choice we make or a state of consciousness we come to?

When I look at my life, it seems like becoming in service to God was a kind of miracle I witnessed, and there was no choice to make. There was the awareness of God, and what could I do but surrender, though I can't say I remember surrendering. I was surrendered. I am grateful and can only feel I was very very lucky.

God has said that we are destined to come to Him in our awareness, and that it's only a question of when, how soon or how late.

For you it was soon. For me it was late.

Maybe words just can't say what discovering God really is.

Dear cT,

to what Heaven Admin writes so lucidly, I would like to add that, from my experience, God's use of words like "arrogance" never means that He is chiding or reprimanding us the way we do when we use those words. There is always a next Heavenletter or next Heavenletter but one where you will find an explanation that makes you feel totally at ease with even arrogance. What if arrogance is all right, just an aspect of the stage we happen to be at right now, no big deal, no "vice", simply a stepping stone, simply our springboard? I never hear God say we should not be where we are. I never hear Him say we'd better hurry up in our evolution, or else. And I never hear Him say that anyone is somehow "behind" because of arrogance or any other of the strange and funny ideas we harbor. It's all right, there is no reason to feel disheartened by what looks like home goals. Thank God, this is not a championship.

I too don't recall a pact. Sometimes you get a quite strong impression that some recurring thing in your life must be part of that pact. I don't know. All I can say is that I feel there is a pact, something like this:

We have a sacred pact, you and I. Come to remember it. Remember the pact We made in a quick embrace as you emerged as a Human Being on Earth.
   I look into your eyes now to remind you of Our sacred Words. We said, "I do" to each other. We said, "We shall never part." We acknowledged, "There is no death." We agreed to be inseparable, so closely connected, that Our hearts would squeeze with joy unbounded. With joy do I behold you. With joy, will you behold Me? Will you behold Me in your heart? What else could that be but joy?
(Heaven #1419)

Keep posting, dear cT. Tell us about yourself, if you like.

Same Heavenletter, Different "Language"

These are the words used in this Heavenletter:
It is arrogance that debates with Me. And arrogance comes from ignorance. Arrogance and ignorance are something you can give up. From that giving up, you gain. From that giving up, you begin.

Are you mightier than I? Do you know more than I? Do you make better decisions? Do you second-guess Me? Do you try to set Me straight? Do you interpret Me or do you accept Me? Or do you compete with Me?

This is the same message in words/the LANGUAGE I am “used to” to hearing from God:

It is misunderstanding that argues a point. And misunderstanding comes from misinformation. Misunderstanding and misinformation you can give up. If you let go, it's in your best interest. If you let go, we can begin.

I am more powerful than any human, and I know more too. I make the best decisions, sometimes new never-before-thought-of decisions. No one can dispute me. No one can misunderstand. No one will ever think their love can compare to my Love.

This is the payoff in letting go: You will recognize Truth. You will recognize MY Love.