What Would You Like Your Life to Be?

God said:

Let go of that whole idea of tit for tat, for this gets you nowhere.

Of course, if someone is wonderful to you, you want to reciprocate in kind. Loving is a goal you set for yourself yet not for anyone else. Be the love you long to receive. In love, you do not take offense.

If someone offends you, there is no need for you to give back in kind. You retaliate only when you feel resentment or outright anger.

The question to ask yourself is what do you gain from this anger? Smugness, perhaps. The last word, perhaps. An impasse, perhaps. What would you want those for?

What do you want your life this round to offer you?

If you would like expansion, expand.

If you would like friendship, be a friend.

If you would like respect, be respectful.

If you would like good manners, give good manners.

If you would like to be loved, then love yourself first.

If you would like to be begrudged, then begrudge others.

If you would like to be nagged, then nag.

If you would like to be unappreciated, then don't appreciate.

If you would like to be discounted, then discount others.

If you would like an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, count offenses. There is no need for you to specialize in being offended. It is not recommended.

Live that which you desire.

By and large, you give what you get. With exceptions, of course. And here's the thing:

Be love without courting love. Be kind without thought of return. Be wonderful without any expectation of payback. This way, you will never be disappointed.

Receiving is not something owed to you. Of course, you want the world to behold you favorably. And, of course, you deserve it. Your deserving is true. What matters is that you deserve. All God's children deserve. Then know yourself as worthy. You don't have to prove that you deserve, and no one is obligated to prove your worth to you.

I am the Proof of your worthiness. Your worthiness is not in question. It is a given.

Whatever has not been given to you, give to yourself. Do not wait for leftovers, beloveds. No leftovers for you.

Desire with all your heart, yet know in the very fiber of your being, that you do not require a testimonial from the world. Desire of itself is reward enough. You are a being who desires. Desire goodness for the world and everyone in the world, including yourself.

You are not owed anything. Nor are you obligated to owing. Owe yourself. Deliver yourself from need. Needing is a trap you set.

Don't specialize in dependency upon gain, material or otherwise.

Love is not to be looked at as an object. Love is something you give without thought of favor.

Let sending out the Light of Love be your favorite thing to do.

Do not abrade yourself. Love yourself. Give yourself love. Be good to yourself for My Sake. Enrich the world with Our love.

Let your life be a statement of love.

Let your life be made of beautiful jewels that sparkle and give joy. Wear life well. It is yourself that you see everywhere. Be happy to see yourself in whatever form you may appear. You are the real goods.

You are beyond your own belief.

In life, register goodness and mercy. My children are exponents of Me. Carry Me well. Emulate the King of Heaven, for you are My emissaries. Embody Me well. I send you before Me to welcome the world and everyone in it. It is for you to speak and act on My behalf.

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Embody Me well

What a beautiful Heaven Letter to receive on my Birthday. With great joy, gratitude and appreciation I allow: sending out the Light of Love to be my favorite thing to do.