What Is It You Learn?

God said:

Today is a good day for you to notice your tremendous growth. You have grown by leaps and bounds. You have done somersaults in life. You are far ahead from where you were a year ago — or even a moment ago. Think for one minute of all you have learned. You know it is true, that you have learned, and all that you have learned, you have gained. So think of all you have gained.

Count your riches in learning. And what is it you learn? You learn yourself.

In truth you learn nothing. You unlearn previous learning. The untying is what you have gained. You have untied knots from your heart, and your heart gains opening. You, who used to close your heart, are learning to open it.

It feels so good to open your heart. Like tight shoes, you unloosen your heart. Like a tight girdle, you unloosen it. Like a frown, you release it.

No one but you tightened your heart. And now you loosen it. You free it to do what hearts do. Hearts don't like to be frozen or contracted. They like to beat. They like to surge. And as your heart goes, so goes your life.

Did you know that?

As you free your heart, you free your life. The more love that you allow from your heart, the freer your life. Just from abandoning hardness, your life, like your heart, opens.

Instead of locked doors, you find folded screens or draped doorways or open doorways or doorlessness. You find openness. Your heart does all that. Your heart can open anything. It can open other hearts.

Your heart is the key that opens. And your perception is the key that opens your heart to openness.

Clean the blackboard of your heart. Erase past figures. Erase debts, yours and others. Undraw the pictures your chalk drew. They are nothing but pictures drawn. Those pictures were meant to be erased. They were just for a moment, and that moment has passed. Why would you keep them? What would you keep them for? Why have you been keeping them?

What you would draw now, you might not have drawn yesterday. Almost certainly, you would not have drawn it. You do not even know what you would draw today, and that is progress. You do not know ahead of time. You do not draw the pictures ahead of time. You let life come. That is the openness of your heart.

That does not make your heart wayward. That makes your heart big. Any pictures drawn ahead of time contract your life. Your forward pictures can only disappoint you. Either you don't get your picture, or you do get it, and either way, you are disappointed. Either way, it is not what you thought.

Sticking to pictures once drawn is limiting your choices and therefore your life. Your life is not a fixed thing. Stop pretending it is. Life is not to stay still. Life is to move, and you with it.

Trying to keep everything the same is balking at life. That is resistance, and resistance causes you much pain. You use resistance because you have the idea that it is better to stay the same. You do not want your life to get ahead of you, so you resist. You pick up the reins, and that is control. Stopping is controlling. Holding back is controlling.

I have bigger dreams for you than you have for yourself. Your dreams are predicated on safety. My dreams for you are predicated on vision and fruition.

Safety doesn't keep you safe. Thoughts of safety are fear thoughts, as if where you are is safer than where you are not yet. Safety is a false concept. There is only safety, so there is no need to consider it. A small room isn't safer than a large room or no room at all. Walls do not keep you safe. Walls keep you in. Let yourself out.


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