concept of safety

What Do You Say to Life?

God said:

Do cartwheels in life. Live your life with aplomb. Live it with zeal. Live it as you would eat a wonderful meal set before you. Take a heaping plate. Take big bites. Fill your cup, drink it, smack your lips, and pour yourself another.

You have held back from life long enough in a desire to be safe. What is it you would protect yourself from? From Life? From you?

Your God-Given Life

God said:

You would not seek safety unless you were concerned with danger. Concern for safety does not make you safer.

In terms of the relative, all of life is a risk. You are often afraid to take risk, even though it is inevitable. You will gamble at cards, but you think risks in life are too high and, therefore, dangerous.

Rather than think of risk and danger, think of the One Who holds you high above the fray.

What Is It You Learn?

God said:

Today is a good day for you to notice your tremendous growth. You have grown by leaps and bounds. You have done somersaults in life. You are far ahead from where you were a year ago — or even a moment ago. Think for one minute of all you have learned. You know it is true, that you have learned, and all that you have learned, you have gained. So think of all you have gained.

Count your riches in learning. And what is it you learn? You learn yourself.

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