What Is It That God Sees?

God said:

Bespeak My love for you. Say it aloud. Say out loud right now:

"God loves me. He loves me just as I am. This is a miracle, but God is a Maker of Miracles. God sees Himself in me. He sees the beauty that emanates from Him in me. But God is no fool. He has not blinded Himself. He says it is my eyesight that needs to be corrected.

"What is it that God sees that I cannot?

"I can see the beauty in a rose, in a sunset or sunrise. I can see the beauty in a baby or a child. And I can see beauty in words that have been written by the pen of man. But did God Himself direct the pen and write the magnificent words and wisdom that are in literature and in men's minds? He says He made the men, but it is hard for me to spot their beauty, and, hardest of all, to keep the idea of mine. But in books, I can see a glimpse of what God sees.

"And I can see God's beauty in art that man has painted and in music that he has composed, but in the man himself, I am disappointed. I tend to see bodies before me rather than light. I tend to see the errors expressed in men rather than God's art expressed in them.

"God has said that Human beings are His beloved creation, most beloved in the privilege that He has given us of becoming like Him. He has given us the privilege of choice, though sometimes it certainly seems to me that it is not privilege at all. He ordinated the animals of the earth in certain ways. Their range of thought and action is less than ours. He had such trust in us that He gave us the animals of the earth to tend with love and mercy, and yet I see more love and mercy from the animals of earth than I do from the men of earth. And yet God says He is not mistaken.

"Men war with each other. Even in their families they war. I am saddened.

"When I come to grips with my sorrow and despair on earth, I realize that I do not always value God's creation. God created this wondrous earth, and I am blasé about it.

"Is that the big difference between God and me? That He values everything He has made, and I do not? If that is the case, then it has to be that I am not seeing well. God in all His majesty loves everyone and everything on earth, and I, in all my imperviousness do not. I do not think well enough of myself, and yet I often think more of myself than I do of someone else or everyone else.

"Yes, sometimes in my foolishness, I think I am wiser than other men. Sometimes in my foolishness, I think I am wiser than God. And yet God gave me discernment, and yet I am guilty of discerning.

"And sometimes I do not love even God. And yet what is my love worth anyway, here today and gone tomorrow. I am appalled at the puzzle God has given me.

"Sometimes I do not even believe that God loves me, for how could he?

"And yet I have an inkling of what God's love is and what He means by everything. And so I cry out, 'God loves me. He loves me as I am.'

"In the wilderness, I cry out to You, God above and God within, help me to say in truth that You are my love, and that I love You with all my heart. Help me to wrestle my doubt and pin it to the ground. I know, I know, it is my love lacking, not Yours. And yet you say I am not lacking love, but that You made me from Your love, and you made me Your love, and you say that I am love. I feel like I waste it, Your love that You made me of. Help me to recognize Your love in me, and to use it for Your benefit and for the benefit of all Human, very Human, men like myself."

And now I, your God, say: My children, you are coming to Me. Even in the depth of your Humanness, you are advancing to Me.

Today I announced as though from your own mouth the true state of your affairs, and now you can never say that I do not know how you feel. Now, from this vantage point of acknowledgment of how you see and feel, you are in a position to race to Me.

Now We begin. Now the dismay is over. We are done with all that. Whatever you thought you were a minute ago, you are not now. Perhaps you never were. Perhaps you never were so wasteful of My love as you have thought.

Not a drop of My love is wasted. Not in you. Not anywhere. My love is Divine, and you are more than Human. You are not Human alone. Take your attention off the Human and put it on the Divine. My attention is on the Divine of you. Come along with Me.

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1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said My Beauty
You are all coming to Me
In your Humanness

Love, Light,and Aloha!