What If You Are Your Own Source of Truth?

God said:

What would Life, your Life, be like when you accept Reality as it is – the way I describe it to you is what I mean. Do you really think I am out to sell you a fast one?

What if you Light up the world as I say? What if you could contain this seeming Dream within you? What if what I say is The Truth and you could accept it without argument? What prevents you, dear Ones, what makes you fight?

As it is, you are tentative in Life. Doubting Thomas had nothing on you. What if everyone who doubts could doubt a little less? What if you could live in Faith and be uncertain about doubt?

What if you didn’t have to be won over? What if you were not a detective of Truth, but rather your own Source of Truth. What if within you sits the evidence you have missed seeing?

What if you didn’t tell yourself that doubting is smart, for Truth is smarter, and you are smarter than you let on. You are well-learn-ed in doubt. You have been well-taught. You have, more or less, accepted doubt as your windfall.

You wander in the wilderness and feel like the boy who pulled out a plum and was proud of himself. Doubt is not a plum. It is at best a prune. Doubt does not make for confidence. Doubt is a spoilsport. Yes, doubt is a spoiler. It reprimands Truth. What are you looking for, and why do you believe in not having it, as if that were exclusively My Choice and not yours at all?

There are many ways you can look at Life and your Life.

What if despair did not have to be the bell you ring? What if you could even choose innocence? What if you could let go of old-fashioned inherited doubt with a Capital D. O Beloveds, it is so easy to believe in doubt. Yes, you were taught it well, and you also teach yourself well, as if doubt were your True Bounty when doubt really calls you out for the punch.

You don’t have to fight. You don’t have to strike out.

You can come from a place where you say:

“Okay, Truth, come get me!” Or, you say: “God, come get me. I am Yours.”

You might even put your hands up and say: “Arrest me. God, confine me with Truth. Handcuff me to Truth. Turn my head around.”

You might even say:

“God, help me to start all over. The way I have been going at Life, I am stuck in a dead end of…of…well, some kind of holding on to what I sink myself into when I could be having insights into Truth. Doubting is my downfall. It certainly isn’t a blessing from You to me.”

Dear Ones, you sincerely would like to know where belief in yourself will come from. It won’t come from excluding yourself from the Kingdom of Heaven. What is your desire? Perhaps it is your own desire that you really need to show to yourself. Is it possible that you doubt your desire? Do you believe that you need a High Card first, some kind of written guarantee perhaps? I have sworn Truth to you.

Have a leaning toward Truth. This is Trust. We can shake hands on it. Oneness exists, and it is yours, and it is Mine. Trust in yourself. Trust in you.

There is nothing you have to prove. You have only to open yourself, to make more room in your Heart, your beautiful Heart. Mind your heart. Doubt is not of the Heart, Beloveds. Doubt is of the Mind. The Mind takes you down winding roads. It is the Mind that asks for proof and explanation. It is the Mind that would furrow out what is already yours.

Doubt will rewrite itself. Doubt is a renegade. Doubt does not serve you nor the world. You certainly don’t have to accept doubt, that fast-talker. What if you could leave doubt behind and just say:

“God, here I am.”

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Here I AM.


I have been looking for this one for so long. Ask and it is given. Thank you thank you. Here I am. :-)

God, here I AM

"What is your desire?" My Heart felt Desire is to Love My Eternal Innocence Free of all Conditioning. My Innocence believed in a lot of projected conditioning. Now I Choose to see My Self Worth. My Worth is not determined from anything outside of me. I AM Free to Be Uniquely Me. I AM grateful.


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