What Hath God Wrought

God said:

Coming together is such a welcome expression in language. Work comes together, and people come together, and this coming together is a representation of the true meeting of hearts, minds, and souls.

You are already together. It is only a dance you partake in now, like a Virginia reel, stepping this way, stepping so that you can come together again and again in waves, a physical memento of your individual and communal wholeness.

And when work comes together, what does that mean? It also means that the parts become whole. You have done this piece and that piece, stitched them back and forth, and then, suddenly, it seems, there is a completion. All the parts meet, and some kind of painting is done. It is all art.

There are no more fragments, no more single strokes. Something in creation has come together, as of itself. You may have worked on it, but all of a sudden seemingly, there is Mt. Vesuvius, and all you can do is look and admire what you have done for Me.

You are the kindergarten children who play with clay, and you are happy with what you have made. Of course you are. You are playing with creation. It is in your hands.

All is art. Business deals are art. The working of a machine is art. A story is art. And art is art.

You worked at it. You climbed a mountain, one foot at a time. Not until you reached the top, the culmination of that journey, did you see what you had done and how far you had gone. Yet each separate step that you didn't think was much made the journey full. And now you climb another mountain.

The accomplishment and sense of satisfaction is not really in reaching the top. It is just that from the top, you can see from A to B to C. You can see your progress that you didn't see while you were climbing. But suddenly, so it seems, you can see where you started and where you are now.

Now you understand how work is a blessing. You get somewhere. You are putting something together. You are creating creation. When you take a step back and admire the pieces you put together, you have a sense comparable to My joy in creating you and the firmament and all the parts of the universe and knowing that now they are together, and now they are one.

Creating Oneness is what you do.

Reminding passengers on earth of their Oneness is what you do.

The parting of an ocean may be thrilling, but it is the putting of it together that gives a long-lived joy. There is joy in holding your breath, but it is nothing like the joy of exhaling.

And so you see the waves of life, how Oneness meets itself in various forms, and pleasures in joining itself as One united whole.

There are small wholenesses and large wholenesses. There is wholeness within wholeness. You complete a project, and you can know, because I tell you, that your project is a wheel in the whole configuration of the universe. Your project is not isolated. It is a part of something bigger. The wholeness you create is part of a larger project. And so the wheels turn, and so life is churned, and so you are One with Me and one another.

A circle is a divine thing. Curving universe. Your shoulder to the wheel revolves the universe. The pieces of your day are worth something. They build to something, and one day you will know how favored you have been, and all you have made and done for Me.

"What hath God wrought?" you ask.

I answer, "I have made you."

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Hello Friends,

God said all is art
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Creating Oneness

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