What Can You Not Create?

God said:

Who are you really, and where did you come from? Do you really exist, you sometimes wonder. Sometimes it seems you are the subject, and, at the same confluence of imagined time, you are also the observer. What are you observing but yourself? If you make motions, and you observe yourself, are you then also a messenger? Surely you spin tales. They may be all made-up. Can it be that you are a work of your own imagination, as if you are a rag doll?

There is some Truth in this idea, for Life on Earth is make-believe. Life is believed in, yet it is made up. None of this that occupies you on Earth is real. How can the so real-seeming not be true? When you stub your toe, it hurts. Yet, you wonder, do you really have a leg to stand on on Earth?

All of Life may seem like a promissory note to you. It is a list you write. Your list includes anything you want, yet it doesn't include everything you want.

It has been said that you are dreaming. Why, then, can't you or don't you make your dreams come true within the context of your dream? If it is your dream, why not manifest all of it? What holds back all your dreams from becoming true?

It is like you have unfinished sentences. You start off, and then get distracted. The Truth is that you do manifest. Despite yourself and your imposed lists of restrictions, you are a creator of your own list. Remove any limits you have set. Anything and everything can manifest in this world of illusion. You are capable of more than you realize. You spin a web. Choose the web you spin. You can also choose to weave a bigger web. You can break the bank. You can create mayhem, and you can create peace. If you have not peace, go ahead now, be My guest, and create it. You can whip cream, and you can put whipped cream on top of strawberry short cake. What cannot you create?

I am not the only Creator on Earth.

Not at all.

You create every day with your thoughts and words. You definitely are not a mere receiver. You don’t just lie down and wait for what comes. You culture what comes. If you are a gardener on Earth, your thoughts and words are your spades, hoes and rakes. Pay attention to the tools you are using. You do not immediately create everything that occurs, yet you are party to it. Attract what you call good. You do, much of the time, attract your view of Life on Earth. How do you see it? You promote the way you see Life. You project the Life you see. Uplift your thoughts. Your thoughts in this very Life will catch up to you. You steer the boat you sail in. The Very Ocean bows to your thoughts. This is not to say that you caused the latest tsunami.

You are given many free rides. Somehow you contributed. Even if you live in a dry desert, your thoughts and actions contribute to everything.

This that I say is not for you to build guilt on. Guilt and its partner, conscience, add no value to you. Go in a direction from which you gain good use of your mind and heart. Guilt and conscience may dig you in deeper to that which you do not want.

Even the idea of conscience is not necessary. Let not Life come to be about that which you must cease. Let Life be natural and effervescent. Think of the Light in which I see you.

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Sometimes I reread a

Sometimes I reread a Heavenletter, and it is so powerful and delicious that I can hardly believe my good fortune to read such a message.

whipped cream on top of strawberry short cake

Yes, exactly.




My dear Father God, You Who raised me from the ashes and cast me upon Earth, Who nourished me, Who nourishes and loves me still, Who made me the sanctity of Your Heart, Who gave me all that I am, gave me life, gave me life in the raw and life in its beauty, Who gave me the trees to strengthen and straighten my back, and the ground to walk on, Who gave me mountains to climb and to tumble down, Who gave me His Heart so I could be full of love, Who had me as His witness that life in all flavors and the concept of Heaven are mine for keeps, Who gave me Life Eternal, gave me all possibilities, gave me the Fruit of the Vine and seasons to behold, Who gave me glory and songs to sing. What have You, God, not given to me?

God, I was not always so grateful as I am now. Can it be that I learned gratitude? Did I learn everything including sorrow and wanton forms of suffering? I must have thought of myself as grist for the mill, caught in a net, dissembled upon Earth, yet of the Higher Realms, and yet of my own seeking. Did I come to see You, dear God, and mySelf?

Can You and I really be One and the Same? Where was I all these years? And where did I go after that? You have told me that I have never been anywhere but with You, even when I may have thought I was sitting on a haystack.

To what have I contributed, and what have You given Me? To what have I been given? You have given me outright gifts. I was spoiled in that I resisted this seemingly forced exploration on Earth. I had a grudge with You, God, although now I don't remember what it was exactly about.

Now I see Your Glory, and this is all I ask for now. I used to ask for success in the world. Next to you, success in the world is like a trifle when You and You Alone are the point of it all. You embrace me, and I am embraced. You make me embraceable. My worth comes from You, and it extends to You, as well.

You have extended Your Great Love to me. I bow down on Earth. What is there for me to do but to bow down to You which is the same as being exalted to You and ever-rising higher and higher?

You scattered me upon the Earth in the form of many. I arose. I didn't understand Who I was and what I was doing here and what I was for, if anything. I begin to see it now. I witness You, and You trickle through me. You cast Your Light through me. Your Light is mine. You say I deserve You. My deserving You and serving You are the same. We dance, God, You and I. We dance as One. We are the Dance that dances together on Heaven and Earth. We are the Dance.

You flung me to Earth, and You caught me. You delivered Yourself to me. You delivered me to You. We arose as One Beautiful Being, yet I chase You still. I want to be fully Yours, yet sometimes I storm around. Sometimes I retreat. It is like I form my own huddle. Then I awake, for You prod me to wake up upon Earth and accept the grace You have spread upon me.

I used to think I was in a desert. Now I know You gave me an Oasis named Paradise. You knew me all along even as I glossed over You, so gripped by interest in myself I was.

You give me to believe that I am a gift to You, a gift from Yourself to Your Self. Our embrace never ceases. Not a single one of us can escape Your Loving Heart, for you belong in our hearts and our hearts in Yours, One Heart in the One Heart of Yours.

Are You a Gift we give to ourselves? With certainty, You are a Gift. It is a pleasure meeting You.

How lovely to read this

How lovely to read this coming from your heart, Prince Emmanuel. Thank you!

"If it is your dream, why not manifest all of it?"

You outdid Yourself again, dear God. My head is spinning while at the same time Your words ring so unmistakably true even though I don't quite know what to make of them.

If "Life on Earth is make-believe" or "made up" as You say, that would mean that strawberry short cake with whipped cream on top is not just something that's existing out there or is made from pre-existing real physical ingredients but is made up, even dreamed up. We must be remarkable dreamers then; think of an eye or of snow, think of a kiss. It feels wonderful to envision reality this way.

But there is no doubt that the "lists of restrictions" You mentioned actually exists, and it makes sense to assume it's self-imposed. It should be no problem to un-dream it. But it's a huge problem. It's the only problem there is. Could You expand on that a little?

Thank You for this marvelous letter.