Welcome the Universe

God said:

Beloveds, be less concerned with all the knowledge, all the finding out, what this school of thought or that school of thought says, but rather look to your heart and follow what you already know.

You read beautiful material that tells you to forgive, and you forgive not. You hold yourself back from another soul because they are not high enough for you. This happens in your mind, beloveds. You may think you are too pure for someone else. You may be purer, but that does not make you too pure to open your heart.

What more knowledge do you need? Who does not know that Christ taught to love your brother? He did not say to consider yourself superior. He said to love.

Be not one who spouts about love and does not love. Be not one who spouts about forgiveness and yet has a stiff back and cannot bend.

Yes, your opinions are actions. When you look askance at someone, that is an action. True, you did not call them names. You did not hit them. But your thoughts were not favorable. Do you think your thoughts did not reach?

Find room in your heart for even those you disdain, and then you will not disdain them. It is not an idle thing when I say to come from love. Come from the intention of love. Let that be the cap you wear.

The world is not starving for judgment. It is starving for love. Whom do you serve – judgment or love? We can call judgment Caesar and love God. Whom do you serve?

Use your heart more than your head. It is the heart that heals, and you are here to heal the Earth. Love is wisdom. Nothing else is.

It is unwise not to love. Instead of thinking of love on a grand scale and feeling incapable of it, think of love as offering a place on the bench beside you. Welcome all into your heart now. All you have to do is to welcome. Imagine everyone on Earth fitting into your heart, and you will have a better realization of Truth than any text can ever give you.

Forget even words. You mouth too many of them. Let your heart reach your mouth, and then you will speak your heart and not what you have heard somewhere. Love is beyond words, and you are a vehicle of love, not words that pander to it.

You are the real love of God. You are not a fake, so do not be one. Do not be a speaker of good deeds, and then not do them. All the theories in the world are wonderful, yet they are only theories. It is you who must give them life.

The one to forgive most of all is yourself. Forgive yourself for your trespasses. Leave them behind you. Thoughts of your trespasses are thoughts of your trespasses. They are not love. You are not better because you think of all you have done or left undone that would have added to the love in the world. You are not better to think of the past at all.

Right now there is a knock on your door. Right now you answer it.

Wherever it is the hardest for you to offer welcome, that is where you start now. Right now open your heart. Let in those you have kept out. Then you will find that you have forgiven.

You are a welcomer of the universe. Welcome Me in everyone you meet, no matter how hidden I may be. Welcome the world at your door, beloveds, because it is I Who knocks.

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Loving you closely...

"You are a welcomer of the universe. Welcome Me in everyone you meet, no matter how hidden I may be. Welcome the world at your door, beloveds, because it is I Who knocks."

This is so beautiful. I believe, in part, it is a parable from the bible. When we respond to anyone, it is God we are responding to. It could be we see God in disguise. And this is only because we are disguising ouselves...we are fooling ourselves. Time to remove our mask and to see clearly without the layers of distortions...to see with our hearts. I feel you and I are close. Close and very comfortable. With masks taken away...we can become quite close. You will see...And why not now? Loving you closely, Jim and Jimi.