Walking Through the Gates of Learning

God said:

Beloved you, you do amazingly well in Life. Is this a new thought -- that you are doing well?

How you feel about yourself makes all the difference in the world. It seems that you may have thought of yourself as faulty, underachieving, falling short when the Truth is that you fill the world with great bouquets of flowers, and, if I may say, Great Love.

It is no longer for you to keep any remnants of guilt. I am speaking to you, whoever hears Me.

Keep moving your Love and Life along. Let go of the past. Think not of fault. Remove the idea that something is the matter. While you are a human being enmeshed in the world, your perception gets compartmentalized. You perceive that something is broken when it is possible that what you are seeing is yourself gaining wings and flying on your own.

This is Life in the World. Bonds are made, and bonds get broken. Dramas are written about the comings and goings of friendships. Some endings -- or rather, worldly perceived endings-- whittle away their hours until you notice, and some friendships never take off, and the demise of friendships is often dramatic and traumatic.

Know that vendettas do not exist. Friendships exist. Life happens. Bonds seem to break down. There is no good or bad except as someone declares. Good and bad are claimed artifices. Life is what it is while it is. This is only Life in the world and not a travesty. Who can say with a warranty what is acceptable in Life and what is not?

Weather wears down exterior paint. No one has the right to condemn Life because of worn paint. You most certainly do not have the right to pass a verdict on yourself or others, nor does anyone else have the right. Life is what it is while it is. Applaud when you can. Stay away from pounding gavels.

No one can carry all the baggage for a lifetime. No one is wonderful to hold onto the past. You live it, and now you leave it, and you move on. When you have digested food, you don’t keep digesting it.

Let the past go. You loved elements of the past once, or you suffered them. This is good enough. No more harboring the past.

Say hello to Every Corner of Life. And when the time comes to say goodbye, say goodbye, and no longer look back over your shoulder and turn into salt.

What are the Lessons of Life? What are the Lessons of Yesterday and Yesteryear? What lessons are to be put to bed?

This is something you find out in Life. You don’t address these at birth. You do not know beforehand when or what lessons will crop up. You may not see them coming. You may not have to learn all of the lessons for yourself. You observe. You can also learn from literature and theater and from others around you.

What is Life about if not learning? You are a collector of learning. You do not, however, sort all your learning and collate it and systematize it. You walk on through the Gates of Learning, and you keep on going. You pass through. You do not gather yourself at the Gates. You keep on going. You merely pass through.

Passing through, you learn more along the way. The concept of learning is not meant to be a surprise. There is much learning to pluck along the way. There are beautiful flowers that you bow down to, and there are thorns that scratch. This is nothing to be astounded at.

No matter how learn-ed you are, you gather new experiences. Life in the World is an experience, you understand. And there are always more experiences of diverse kinds on their way to you. Among them is always Beauty, Beauty leaning over to greet you.

Behold! Life waits right before you!

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My Heavenletter!

This was the Heavenletter written to me back in June that you sent over email...this is the Heavenletter that has since changed my life. I'm so glad I listened to that voice in my head and checked the Letter for today!
When I first read this Heavenletter you sent me, I cried rivers one could swim in....now I read it again and I can't stop smiling. :)
Thank you for reposting this. <3
Much love and appreciation,

Thank you, Gloria, for the

Thank you, Gloria, for the oportunity to translate these letters into Romanian. For me, Heaven Letters is a wonderful way to connect with the source of Love & Light - God. It is another way to perceive the reality we build every moment, in Now. "Life waits right before you!"(Walking Through the Gates of Learning, Heavenletter #5872).
Thank you for all your work!

Gates of Learning

I love that Life on this Precious Living Earth is an experience to Be Charished and Loved. Thank you.