Vaulting across the Universe

God said:

You are growing in love and wisdom right and left. And the growing is not always easy. Your ego is being wracked right and left, and that is how you grow. Ego is forced to step aside, at least for a while, and you see yourself rising to the sun. You did not get burned. Your ego did.

Ego doesn't go up in flames without a fight. I talk about ego as though you have no responsibility for it. Never mind, you are learning to get along without it or without so much of it.

You are really beginning to learn that there are no affronts to you, only to your ego. Oh, beloveds, think of what it will be when ego no longer pesters you and gets the best of you and when you stand above it. Picture yourself standing tall, ego on the floor beneath, and with your foot on ego, you keep it down. Now ego submits to you, instead of your submitting to ego. Now you have risen, and you are vaulting across the Universe knowingly with Me.

Ego has cramped your style. You are just beginning to find out what your style is, your true style, your true way of being unshackled from ego and ego needs. When you don't have ego, what do you require? Without ego, you who are everything have everything you need. And, if there should be something you don't have, then you don't need it. You did very much need to be without commandeering ego, that selfish twit of an ego who got in your way. I say this as it is.

We do not make an ode to ego, nor do We hold animosity toward the now fallen ego. Although ego has been an opponent, it had its purpose for you. It brought you to where you are now. Now you are a hero to yourself. Without ego, you can truly love your God-given self. Ego was like a rash, hot and itchy, and now you are not inflamed. Now you are calm and cooled down. You have removed the hair shirt of ego. No longer do you bow to it. Now you bow to the sun and to the God in you.

Let Us thank ego for helping you and the world to see what ego really looks like, hardly the picture you had of it and the importance you held it in. Now you remove your foot from the prone ego and let it go off with its tail between its legs. Ego was all an illusion anyway. It never existed except as you gave homage to it. Ego had you twisted around its little finger. How presumptuous ego was.

Now you are free of ego. Even though it had you in its power, it had no power except as you granted it. You fed ego's ego. And now you are free. Or almost free. You certainly are getting there.

What is there to say about ego when it is gone or well on its way out? Ego really never had anything to do with you! It was your ego! Instead of your training this errant ego, you let it train you! And now you are getting out from under ego. You used to be prone on the floor of life, and ego had its foot on you. You let ego go. Avast, ego, avast. At last, you are releasing your hold on it.

Let's have a party. Let's have a Thanksgiving Day. Hurray, you are outliving ego and all the pictures of the past.

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Without ego, you can truly

Without ego, you can truly love your God-given self.

"Creation is My crown, and you are in the center of it, placed high on the sculpted crown as a fine jewel. Know Earth to be My tiara. Know Earth to be more than you presently consider it. Know Earth to be bejeweled with beings from Heaven. Of course, you were created in Heaven. From what other spacelessness would I create from?" from HL 1419

this reminds me of a picture with Rama and Sita, where Hanuman brings Sita the lost jewel to put back on her Crown, that the God-given self is a jewel, a red Rubin perhaps, so small but so powerful and alive. thank you for this HL with the title Vaulting across the Universe. Now you have risen, and you are vaulting across the Universe knowingly with Me.

Thank you, Nirmala. It's

Thank you, Nirmala. It's been a while since we've heard from you!

Nirmala knows about love.

We miss you Nirmala when you don't have time to comment. When you do, you enrich our consciousness and help us become who we ARE. Your beautiful.



I have dealt with the command: «extinguish ego» for a long time. I received it from a very distinguished author- Vernon Howard.

I have been struggling to put into practice this cosmic command.A little bit frustrated, for seeing the importance of the principle in my practical life, but unable to see the results.

How can an ego extinguish itself? This has been my question. Sometimes I was fighing against myself making things happen. The author knew that the ego can do nothing beneficial to the ego and that all our thoughts, he calls conditioned thoughts, were invented by the egos.

The wonder of all wonders is that, whenever I read a HEAVENLETTER, I feel the breaking of the ego in its the false beliefs, thougths and fortressess.

This is an evidence that no Heavenletter comes from an ego but from a MIND above the egos, to stop the egos, to attain peace, tranquily, love and unity with God.

I thank God for His purpose


Where did you come from,

Where did you come from, beloved Timoteo. It must be that angels brought you here.

Timoteo sees this Letter in Light..

Timoteo you speak the wisdom of a Knower.


"Ego doesn't go up in flames

"Ego doesn't go up in flames without a fight."

Oh my, you can say that again! Some days are worse than others but this seems to be my main life lesson now and it seems that God is featuring it in Heavenletters lately.

Yesterday was one in which I didn't even want to wrassle ego down to the ground, nevermind being able to do it. I think that part of the solution is in learning that I am not my ego in the same way that I am not my body. And yet we need our body to learn our lessons here so I'm thinking we somehow need our ego too. Just not in charge.

I was trying to sort this out with God this morning before reading this Heavenletter. The only answer I got back was, "I AM stronger than your ego."

Good thing!

Chuck talks like George, how about that?

EGO would love to serve you or to rule you or just fool around. Give it direction by thinking through this Heaven Letter's suggestion. You can rule your EGO by your thoughts so read this Letter again and it will make your life a lot easier. Just try it. You'll see.


Charles, God and you sure made good

Charles, God and you sure made good use of your Godwriting(tm) workshop. This is a gem. This sentence is one to keep in our hearts forever. If I were to get a tattoo, I well might get these words from God tattooed on my arm.

All things are of God, even the EGO.

Let the EGO regulate the blood pressure, the body temperature, the DNA/RNA helix but don't let the EGO take of the management of your consciousness or emotions. Do exactly what this beautiful Heaven Letter tells you to do. Take control of the EGO.

The EGO will obey your will. it will obey your thoughts whether pro or con, it don't care. Your thoughts rule your EGO in all respects so plan your thoughts so as to lift you higher and higher. Your day dreams become the stuff of living so dream with design and wonder as your compass. Vault across the Universe. You'll love it.


I AM stronger than your ego

Dear Charles

What a statement! I AM stronger than your ego.
God is stronger than my ego.He is stronger than whatever I fear or when I don´t know what to do. He is stronger than the opposing forces in the the whole world.

The I AM is stronger than the flesh, the world system and opposing foes. He is stronger than the strongest enemies within and without (outside).

Congratulations for your discovery


Ego was all an illusion

Ego was all an illusion anyway. It never existed except as you gave homage to it.

I searched hard and could not find it, then only to discover that it is like cigarette smoke, the result of a habit.

The ego vanity is at last fallen

The Single Eye, I, of the Heart is Forever Open
You invented the ego eye-lid of vanity to cover Heart-Vision
and fell into dreamy illusion
You wake up Now & Discover Heaven
The ego vanity is at last fallen

I, God, Gave ego a command, "Ye Go" & it's gone!

My heart-felt thanks to God & Gloria for this Beautiful Heavenletter.

Be U, the Overflowing cUp of God

The servant saucer under U, the Open cUp, climbed over U, covered U and the ego-lid was born!
Now as U take command and the ego-lid climbs down and sits under U in submission as the servant saucer!
Have a Closer Look at U, yoU are Forever the Open cUp of God I, Who AM, the Love-Light-Life Wine Overflowing!
The ego-lid covering U is a vain dream, Wake Up Now & Uncover U! Be U, the Overflowing cUp of God, Loving & Blessing All!