The Holy Land

God said:

This is a time of great glad rejoicing, for this is the day of your debut into the world of light and light-heartedness. That which was once so serious is not so serious any longer. The whole extant world is not so serious as it once seemed, for you are now balancing your conscious time in terms of the two worlds, less to the world at large and more to the world often referred to as beyond the veil.
This other world, the world of Heaven, has gained equal time with the world. Both are beautiful. Both are heavenly, yet the one, the world of the concrete, comes with a price tag and payment of one kind or another while the Heaven world comes with no price, no tax, no penalty and requires no admission price.
The balancing of the two worlds puts you in a position of what We will call equanimity. Both are wonderful. Both are beyond compare. Both are beautiful evidence of all that is, and one, the World of Heaven, comes without tears, comes as it is, wonderful indeed, the peace known as Heaven, known as Paradise, known deep in the heart with all its powers.
The World of Earth comes with every denomination possible, every contrast, every up and down, and you love it, no matter how it portrays itself. Both are your worlds in your hands, in your hearts, in your foreverness, even as one is changing ostensibly before your very eyes, and the other, the reflection of your heart, your soul, full of the obvious – God, Love, Purity, Wholesomeness, and the oft-touted Wholeness of which all is made and made from for the enjoyment of All.
The Love entwined in both worlds becomes outstanding in its light. Love is portrayed. Love is upheld. Love stars. All is welded in love, melded in love, dwelled in love, and there is embrace, embrace of the Vastness.
The world of the extant is no less sweet than the Heaven world, for, as example, there lives the Oneness of One World. What else can live in Oneness but Oneness? The two worlds not only take place as Oneness, they are Oneness shining before all who can see, and everyone can see. No longer is there duplicity or one substitute for another. What can possibly substitute for anything in Eternity?
In Oneness, the two considered as One are simply One, purely One, purified by Love. The seeming two counterparts play each other, and who on Earth can tell which is which, for, wherever you may be – the One of Us may be – We are One, that is, I, God am One Holy One immortalized and emblemized as the Holy of the Holies. Oneness reigns, and what is the difference, and who can tell?
Both are Elysian Fields, and you roam, and you play, and never is heard a discouraging word, for Oneness, the Only Oneness, has declared itself the Unity of Life. Who would question? Who has anything to question, and why would anyone, and for what reason? Who would declare himself sovereign when there is no other to reign over, when Independence has been declared, and everyone is Self-Realized, realizes himself as he is in the Heart of God’s Light and God’s Truth which is the Wholeness of Life which is to say, the Holiness of All Life.
I, God, declare you Holy, and so declared, you claim yourself in the Holy Land, the Holy Land being Earth where peace and only peace reign and Love penetrates everywhere, there being nothing but love and God Almighty.

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This Heavenletter had some

This Heavenletter had some kind of deep experience on me. Why especially this Heavenletter? I don't know. See today's blog:

Love penetrates everywhere

"... the world of the concrete, comes with a price tag and payment of one kind or another while the Heaven world comes with no price, no tax, no penalty and requires no admission price."

Whatever is done on Earth has a (price) tag or a payback admonishment.

Be very careful what you do to others.

This piece of writing tells of the hidden and built-in Justice of the Earth.

There is Justice on Earth. Not the ones given by our Courts of the Land but by the invisible hand of the Laws of the Universe or the Laws of the One...

Justice will have to be faced somewhere and at sometime..
It is so.


Dear One, where does God in

Dear One, where does God in Heavenletters say this about justice? The world looks for it certainly. God tells us to stay out of the past.


Gloria why do I get the feeling that you have never seen our GOD?
Have you?

I feel the presence of God.

I feel the presence of God. I feel His love. I hear His Voice, not aloud, but on a very subtle level. No, I do not see God with my eyes. I have seen evidence of God. My understanding is that God is beyond form. It is enough for me that God IS.

Dear Victor, I do not know an historical God. Although God is One, and you say Our God, I do not know that you and I know the same God.

I wonder why you ask this question.

There's a link to The Story of Heavenletters™ on the right margin if you would like to read more.

With love and blessings,


P.S. You might be interested in reading some of the blog --

why you ask this question

Gloria, I don't want to make a mountain of nothing. I just had a queasy feeling when I saw you questioning little things that are inconsequential and trying to force a capstone on directions.There are many mountains in the view for us to climb.And this is what Life on Earth is about.Finding Passion finding Joy.
Yesterday just after I posted my question to you what do you know?I just happened to read something a few minutes later that explained it all.So no more questions from me.
About seeing GOD.It doesn't matter.At some point in time (if you are curious)you would ask, if you can hear the voice of God then why can't you see the face of the author? At least that is what I did.And a funny thing happened along with the "process", I got to see how our world is all illusion.
The beauty and fantastic revelation of it all is that everything external is happening internally in the Human mind.Everything!What a mind-blowing creative design our Creator has put together.WOW! I just want to see and experience more of this tasty treat or food of the mind and of what more is to come.
Heaven does not have Emotions. I am beginning to ramble as I am becoming alive and excited.
All in all there is nothing sinister of my question to you Gloria.Now to get going with my day......
Holy is our World.


Beautiful response, dear

Beautiful response, dear Victor. I didn't think your question was sinister. It was a question so far away from me. I do not know how to relate to it, dear one. Would God be more to me or mean more to me if He had a form and I could see Him? I don't think so.

Is it important to you to see God?

It's mostly so with people, isn't it, that what's important to one may be unimportant to another? Nor do we have to think the same way. And, still, there is Oneness.

seeing God

Victor, I too am wondering what makes you ask this question. I think it's for you to answer. Is anyone seeing God? If we saw God, would we ask such questions or wonder why they are asked? Seeing God, perhaps we wouldn't even be reading Heavenletters. We wouldn't have questions, nor would we have cherished theories about justice or anything else. And of course, there are lots or more practical things we wouldn't be doing either.

As it is, we don't see God or, as Heavenletters would say, pretend we don't. So we read Heavenletters because we feel they are the path toward seeing God or seeing through our erroneous notion of not seeing God. In any event, when we comment on Heavenletters, it is best to stick to what they actually say. And what they say is often contrary to what we, as spiritually minded people, expect. There are Heavenletters, for instance, that deny the existence of cause and effect or the existence or karma. And with regard to justice, we have Heavenletter #4422, "The Misperception of Justice", that appears to be saying it's better to drop the concept altogether.

Apart from that, I believe your question is a pertinent one – but for all of us. And this, I hope, takes us to today's Heavenletter #4669, "Dreams God May Have for You", to its wonderful suggestion that "These days you are taking a fresh look at many things."

Beloved Sam, we are thinking

Beloved Sam, we are thinking of compiling many ebooks. And right here you light up the idea of an ebook of Heavenletters that are not what we would expect. Off the top of my head, I remember one or more Heavenletters that says we are not wonderful to forgive! Might you be interested in collecting such "renegade" Heavenletters? I think we would have a best seller here! Renegade Heavenletters!

Apologies for going off topic here! I am so excited by this idea.

And I love how you refer to Heavenletters.

Renegade Heavenletters

Gloria, you mean like #2942, "God Carries Us", where God offers to be our "Life Assistant" taking care of all the bothersome odds and ends of everyday life?

Or like #1746, "Entranced in Life", insisting that nothing, nothing at all exists the way we think it does?

Or like #1687, "What A Diversion the World Is" that doesn't even leave us a "real" creation as we think of it.

Or like #1518, "Remember Heaven", which begins, "About everything, it doesn't matter"?

Plus the many Heavenletters that, as you mentioned, challenge our concepts of forgiveness, faith etc. Yes, it can be done, it's easy, but I don't favor the idea. I believe that Heavenletters work through their flow and rhythms and seasons and tides. In a Brahms piano concerto, pointing out particular passages can be valuable in terms of explanation and understanding, but there's nothing like listening to the whole piece. Same with Heavenletters. Reading them in their natural sequence and following their crescendos and lulls is what, in my view and experience, accomplishes the work of transformation.

Also, having renegade Heavenletters would automatically imply that other Heavenletters are more conventional and mainstream.

Thirdly, the context in which Heavenletters are set does not look renegade to me, so I'm not sure if emphasizing the renegade aspect of Heavenletters actually reflects reality.

Thank you for the

Thank you for the Heavenletters you mention. You may be sure that, at my first chance, I'll eagerly read them over to see if they are renegade enough!

Sam, you make good points, dear one, that I certainly hadn't thought of. Your honest response is appreciated, and so I thank you for being upfront and clear. When the heart isn't there, it just isn't. I accept your answer, Sam.

Truly, it should be enough, just writing down Heavenletters™ and posting them.

Let m tell you briefly where Heaven Admin and I are coming from, just so you -- and others -- know.

2 primary points:

1. The responsibility to make Heavenletters well-known

Does God want just a select few to read Heavenletters? How do we make Heavenletters known and available? Whereas I'm glad and grateful for everyone who reads Heavenletters, roughly 10,000 people, there are billions of people who never heard of Heavenletters. Many new Heavenreaders write in to tell us what it has meant to them to find Heavenletters. We have a responsibility to expand the outreach of Heavenletters. Who is going to make this happen? For fifteen years, a Heavenletter every day, wonderful as this is, isn't enough. Obviously, if we were talking about eating, although our stomachs are full, there are too many who are still hungry and don't know where to find food.

2. Heavenletters needs financial support

Donors have been wonderful, yet we have been struggling financially. Be assured, no one here is in it for the money, yet money is necessary. Much of the financial responsibility has fallen on Heaven Admin's (Santhan.) shoulders. He has given his whole heart and soul to Heavenletters. To say nothing of all the constant work he does for Heavenletters single-handedly, he has been consistently paying the bills.. For nine+ years, he has taken enormous responsibility off my shoulders, all kinds. The fact is that Heavenletters has to become self-sustaining.

Publishing spunky ebooks is one of the ways I have thought of to help Heavenletters become known and to bring financial stability. There are authors who have become millionaires by selling ebooks for 99 cents each.
We'd be happy at $2,000. a month. We would also give some ebooks free.

There are other less spunky topics than the Renegade one. Scientific Heavenletters (DNA, physics...) Poetic Heavenletters. Heavenletters that refer to fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Endless Heavenletters on life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.

So this is the story, Sam. It just seems about time that I take some initiative.

responsibilities and finances

Dear Gloria, under yesterday's Heavenletter #4670, "To Follow God's Will" there is a lovely comment in which Eknoor expresses the feeling that God is saying: "I wasn't kidding you dear. Now go do it." I think that's the precise spot where we all are. Do what?

In Heavenletter #1516, "Love and Peace Are Oneness", God says that "Love is the best cold medicine there is..." I guess that choosing the trivial example of a cold means that love is the best medicine for rash or cancer or no money and every conceivable condition. In our deep dread of what we imagine to be the defenselessness of love, we have tried everything else, we have busied ourselves with all the stuff that fills the annals of seeming history as well as our many libraries, we have even tried to do God's business when God has no business. We say, "That's all well and good, but in the world I just have to..." and so on. Thus, we have issues when we could be happily cooperating and getting everything done with no problem at all. The feeling of having to drag heavy things through parched lands is all ours, and God looks on scratching His head.

So the thing to "do" is to simply and solely love and make everyone feel truly welcome here. Love and only love will act like a funnel that makes people flock toward Heavenletters, and they will gladly donate, and they will gladly help out with the necessary external work. Yes, there is always some work to do for us, but if it becomes an issue and a burden, there's something wrong. You pop some pecan nuts into your mouth and then there is the work of chewing them. That's all. God does not ask us for anything more bothersome.

What a beautiful brilliant

What a beautiful brilliant perceptive reply, dear Sam. What you are saying has to be true and in the long run ultimately will be.

God has also said to rely on ourselves and not wait for Him.

The premise you give, if I understand, is that if I loved enough and everyone felt welcome, all support would just naturally flow to Heavenletters etc. God loves enough, and what one person means by love and what another means are not the same.

I will not take all this responsibility, Sam, on my self. If I, Gloria, loved more, there would be more support for Heavenletters.

I respectfully ask: Are we talking about love or pleasing everyone? If I stood on my head, I couldn't please everyone. No one can that I know of. Not everyone is pleased with God as they see Him! People are responsible for themselves.

Pleasing everyone isn't love. My purpose here isn't to personally make everyone happy. We all come with our agendas. There are people who love Heavenletters and have supported them for fifteen years, and new supporters come. My individual self doesn't cliam credit for the presence of these angels any more than I will take individual responsibility for those who don't find themselves loving Heavenletters.

It has always been an astonishment to me to find myself receiving Heavenletters. I wouldn't have chosen me for this beautiful work, yet somehow I am here. Against all odds, I am here. I give my love to God first and foremost.

Ebooks are one idea, and one I feel good to pursue. That is not the only idea for helping Heavenletters to become self-sufficient.

A strong Heavenreader had another idea that she will head up. Heaven Admin has some ideas. I would love ideas from others as well on how to further Heavenletters in the world.

With love and blessings,



welcome all support

Gloria I would like to add my two cents to further Heavenletters to a wider Audience and also to generate a wholesome income for the work or advacement of all who contribute to briginging Heavenletters alive.
Take Heavenletters to the Television stations and Radio stations as "a few minutes of upliftment" segments.Give no opinions just read what is written.
Go to the Programme Administration of the Big TV stations. CNN. CBS,ABC,NBC ESPN etc. Go to the Radio Stations and Newspapers later.
Ask Oprah Winfrey personally for help to get this off the ground and to get it on her Station.
Ask Bill Gates personally.
Ask Warren Buffet personally.
Ask Michell Obama.
Ask the CEO's of the corporate world,Banks,Manufacturing, Engineering and Computer networking giants, to include Heavenletters in their workplace. These are God-minded people. Ask some of the Gospel Ministry for help.
Ask Rev. Schuller for help to get it off the ground.
Go to some of the ex-presidents and their wives of the USA for help.Tell them you need to get Heavenletters out and you need an income to keep Heavenletters going.
You need to promote Heavenletters as GIFTS to include in Hampers and in all Schools, Hospitals, Prisons, Homes and any Organisations that will see the benefit of reading Heavenletters and to the General Public as well.

Most will help, I bet .
Then syndicate the response to the Newspaper and Stations outside the USA.To all the News media around the world.Those that can pay and those that cannot afford at the time.
People will respond positively.
Ask the 10,000 readers to bless this project. And ask those who can help to help to get Heavenletters to a wider audience.Send out letters to all the names of people and Media outlet around (world).
I know you were told not to sell the contents of Heavenletters but you need to generate an income.
Help is on the way - but ask the ones who will/can help.


Victor, you have wonderful

Victor, you have wonderful ideas, and I love your energy and enthusiasm.

Years ago, we (I, Heaven Admin, and several Heavenreaders) wholeheartedly wrote to Oprah from the fullness of our hearts. We didn't ask for $'s. We wanted to get on her show. One Heavenreader made some great videos. Most of us wrote to her. Oprah herself probably never got to see our requests. She must get so many, so whoever passes them on to her screens them. It's likely that Oprah never saw anything we sent.

.What does Oprah and her staff consider important? For one thing, I am sure numbers. If 500 people send Heavenletters on to her, maybe that would have greater impact.

One thing is always true, from my experience. "You're only important when someone important says you are."

Victor, please know I'm not going to be one of those people who say that they tried it and it didn't work. Maybe the time wasn't right then, and the time could be right now. There is a new energy in the world.

One time I wrote to about thirty famous people, a few in religion, several movie stars including Shirley McClain, writers, etc.. The administrative assistants from most of these well-knowns wrote back saying they appreciated God's words, and, yet, to my knowledge, none of them subscribed, and I don't remember if the famous person they worked for saw them.

There was one well-known religious leader who did write back, and he did ask a personal question of God, and expressed that he was impressed. At the same time, he did not feel that he could endorse Heavenletters because of his position. And I do understand that.

I more recently wrote to Elie Wiezel. I proudly use excerpts from his book Night. in Godwriting workshops, and I included the quotes in my letter to him. . It was beautiful what I wrote. No answer. Again, I don't know that he personally ever saw it. My letter went to his foundation.

David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., wrote back to me personally years ago, and he was going to endorse Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book One on the published book! He's the author of Power vs. Force and many supreme books. Had he done this, we might have reached an extra million people or more! It didn't happen. Looking back, I can see I made a mistake. He said if I wanted something from him specific to the book, he would have to see the book. There's no point in regretting, but I wish I had said, "Yes, I will use gratefully use the words you have already sent to me." However, I opted for him to read the book and then comment. There was a publishing delay, and, meanwhile, his attorney advised against it. I never really understood.

Bernie Siegel, M.D., dedicated author, I wrote to him with a question. I didn't ask for anything but a clearer understanding. He gave it to me. Then I asked if I could use his comment, and he said: "Look, kid, if I said it, you can use it." And he has subscribed ever since. He sends Heavenletters to his friends, and he sponsored the Heaven CD. Bernie is one in a million.

I would take out a full-page ad in the New York Times with a Heavenletter, if I could. I would have a blimp fly over the world with a banner about Heavenletters. I would stop at nothing to make Heavenletters known.

Victor, will you help?


Yes, dear, I know it's not easy to talk about these things. Perhaps one last comment from my side is in order.

I was not speaking about pleasing anyone or about making everyone happy. I was speaking about loving and blessing and then allowing nature to take its course without interfering in any way, without determining in advance where this is supposed to lead. It's the same everywhere, whether we speak about love as the best cold remedy or about love as a "means" to promote Heavenletters and make people feel welcome. Love, bless, and step aside. The point is that we have not tried it yet. We really haven't because it would mean to relinquish control and there is no way we will do that. Yet. But we will eventually, and I'm sure we can decide now on how much longer we want to postpone the inevitable.

Yes, dear one. I understand

Yes, dear one. I understand very well what you are saying.

This reminds me of a story I read or heard once. I remember it as an image. There is the sky, and all of us have long sticks with which we prop up the sky, or so we think. But, anyway, we are contributing as best we know how.

The next image shows our sticks are not even reaching the sky.

And then there is God, the Doer, actually holding everything together!

Of course, of course, we love and bless as best we know how. Sometimes our desires do spontaneously become fulfilled even when we may be unaware of what our desire is. This is what happened to me when it came to the experience of Godwriting. Around that time, all I knew was that I deeply wanted to know God and be aware that I know God firsthand. God fulfilled my desire, and He does it still.

I asked God just now silently about my desire to post ebooks and/or leaving the spreading of Heavenletters up to Him. The answer I got was, "Both!"

There are several Heavenletters that do say something about our doing our part. We are here in bodies to perform direct action.. Of course, all credit goes to God, but meanwhile I will give everything I have. I desire to do this with my whole heart. The desire seems to give the energy. And, yes, also the power of intention.


"Both!" is such a beautiful, perfect answer. It's authentic, it's God's, no doubt. And applicable to every topic or point of contention you can think of. But also highly demanding.

Loving with allowance

Yes...yes...yes! Loving, blessing and allowing for the shear joy of it...without any agenda or hidden motive or need to control or correct in any way! the matter of Heavenletters and a desire that it be received more widely and financially supported in a greater way...I would respond in the following way (other peoples approaches may well be different...of course!):

"Oh blessed be! I perceive now anew!...and now see a wide birth...a torrent of a wide and wild...yet paradoxically gentle river...known as Heavenletters...reaching eager hearts...willing and eager for its very living wisdoms...that oh so nourish our souls!!!!
I am so gratfull that I see anew...God,,,I love you so!!!!!!


I was listening to this song when I read today's message

True Love Ways by Buddy Holly
Just you know why
Why you and I
Will by and by
Know true love ways

Sometimes we'll sigh
Sometimes we'll cry
And we'll know why
Just you and I
Know true love ways

Throughout the days
Our true love ways
Will bring us joys to share
With those who really care

Sometimes we'll sigh
Sometimes we'll cry
And we'll know why
Just you and I
Know true love ways

The world of the extant is

The world of the extant is no less sweet than the Heaven world, for, as example, there lives the Oneness of One World. What else can live in Oneness but Oneness?
I haven't known yesterday, why this letter has touched me like this. I thought that has to do with my current state. I feel these two worlds currently so strong in me. God gives me here a magic wand in my Hand. God's message here can lead me to a profound insight when I take off my mind.
Love to everybody,