The Freedom of Love

God said:

You who want freedom must also allow others their freedom. This means that you do not control others. Control is enforcing. It is not for you to impose your wishes upon another. You must allow others their choices whether they are what you want or not. It is not for you to say, for example, that the love of your life has to love you. You are not the determiner of anyone else’s life.

You do not really know the lay of the land, beloveds. You may have another’s best interest at heart, but not know what is in their best interest. And it is also possible that you have your best interest at heart, and, again, you do not always know what that is. I will tell you unequivocally that it is not to make another captive.

Hands off is good advice.

Moses said: Let my people go.

And I say this same to you.

No one is to be in your grasp. All are to be free to roam the world as they will. This frees you as well as all others. No one wants to be beholden. No one wants to be told where their heart must go. Hearts have to come to their own choices. Perhaps you wouldn’t try to enchain another’s heart except that you have trammeled your own.

Hearts are not meant to be obedient to others’ hearts.

Will that your heart love, and leave other hearts to their own say.

Because you want the love of someone in particular doesn’t mean they have to love you. Let you be the one who loves, and loves enough to free the ones you love. Love is freedom, beloveds. It is not capture. Love is not to be fenced in. Love has to find its own way.

When you determine the range of another’s heart, you are like a cowboy lassoing a steer. The one whose love you want is not a steer for you to rope in. He is My child as much as you are. You and I both must give him or her free will. Remember how wise King Solomon was. He saw that the mother who loved truly would give up her baby because she loved.

Others’ hearts are like babies, and you must allow them to flourish. There is no ownership when it comes to love. Love owned is not love. Love is not a possession. It is a gift, but not a possession. When you hold on to someone, you are holding on to the past. You are insisting that the past continue. And so now, beloveds, release the past and in so doing, release others from the past. Love is to be discovered anew each day. Then it is springtime, and hyacinths come up, and there is renewal on Earth.

Soil is tilled so that flowers may grow. The soil is made malleable. And so must your love be like soft earth where flowers of love sprout and grow, as if blossoming for the first time, sprouts of delight pop up for the splendor of the universe.

Of course, you desire that the flowers grow to the sun, and yet you do not hold them in your fist. You nourish them with your thoughts, and you let them grow as they grow. The sun will reach them. You don’t have to. You do not even try to conquer flowers.

The way to keep, beloveds, is to let go. Otherwise, you squelch, and you would never want to batten down another’s self-expression. Let your love be a call to love but not an order. Love needs no instruction, only allowance. This is the way love will encompass the world, not having to, but being free to.

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All are to be free to roam

All are to be free to roam the world as they will.
This frees you as well as all others.
Hearts have to come to their own choices.
Love has to find its own way.
Let your love be a call to love...


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