The Empire of Human Beings

God said:

Now I will tell you what freedom is from. It is freedom from a sense of conscience. Is this a surprise to you?

You don't need conscience to show you the way. Conscience is a guilt-trip. My children are not to bear guilt. Guilt comes from the false past.

Conscience is not a necessary thing at all. Don't believe one minute longer that you need long-suffering conscience.

Freedom is freedom from judgment. Judgment is not a holy thing. Judgment is the precursor to conscience. Be done with judgment and conscience. They both hold you to the past.

If you did not keep to the past, you would not regret the past. You would live right now, and that would be it. You would not be tethered to the past. You would not recriminate against yourself. You would not remind yourself of all your failings. You would not throw shrapnel at yourself or at anyone. What for? There never was a point to it but to enslave yourself to less than the Truth of who you really are.

The predominance of your humanness appears wayward to you. In Reality, you are more Divine than human. It is just that you are attached to your humanness.

Humanity is not quite the same as humanness. Believe in love for Humanity's sake more than you believe in human capacity for error. What a thing to believe in – error! Find greater to believe in. Why roll around in what you perceive as mud! There is a big difference between mud and the Earth you live on.

Earth has nobility. Earth is made of nobility. Don't sell the magnificence of Earth and Life on Earth short. There is great nobility in the preponderance of Earth. Consider the nobility and dearness of what Earth holds. Earth is a Grand Triumph.

What can make you smile more than a puppy or a lamb? A baby sloth is adorable! Somewhere you learned on Earth that less than gallant exists. You perhaps learned that serpents and leaches were less and that you were less. You got the idea of less from somewhere.

You also gained the idea that some human beings are more perfect than others at the same time you learned that some human beings are more imperfect. You learned that something was better than something else. You had no doubt about it.

You forgot that I made One Creation. Every Being I created is beyond speculation, for every Being I create is Spectacular. I am Love. There exist only spectacular Beings, human or otherwise.

An extravaganza is going on on Earth. We can say that Life on Earth is the Greatest Show on Earth, yet there is no show about it. There is pure Innocence. This is Nature, and this is how Nature goes about ruling the Empire of Human Beings. All seats are set, and all seats are available. The status is Oneness. There is no Supremacy. There is no lesser. There is no Superior and no inferior. End of issue.

You think otherwise. You think something is the Most and that something else must indeed be the least. You are so full of judgment, judgment seems to run through your veins.

If you want to be foolish, beloved ones, then make judgments. If you want to be wise, then love. See not differences. See with love. There is nothing better in the whole world than love. The Truth is that there is nothing but love.

Creation was created with love. You were created with love. You are constituted from love. Love is your witness. I am Love. I am God. I am Beloved. You are Beloved. We are Beloved. There is only one thing for Us to do, and that is to be the love We are and continue to love as if there were no tomorrow. Love today. Love right now. This is all that is required.

Start now. This is the best advice you will ever receive. Venture forth and love for all you are worth. You are worth all the Love in the World. There is nothing more. Even as you believe in less, anything less than love does not exist. Set yourself straight. There is truly no less than love. Love is All.

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Love is All.

"The predominance of your humanness appears wayward to you. In Reality, you are more Divine than human. It is just that you are attached to your humanness."

With each and every holy breath I surrender to the Divinity I AM and I forgive myself for forgetting who I AM. I lovingly command the Holy Mind to move into the Sweet Innocent Heart inside the Temple of My Being and Become Eternal Peace. Amen.