The Colors of Your Day

God said:

What color are you today? Are you the green of the trees, the blush of a flower, gray of a cloud, blue of clear sky? What color are you today? What color would you like to be?

What picture of yourself do you draw across the universe today? What picture of others do you sketch? Which crayons do you use?

What paper do you write on? What stories do you tell? What deliciousness of life do you impart?

You can be whatever you want to be today. Today is not another day. Today is an overture. You compose today. What rhythm do you wish to convey? What is the beat of your heart today?

What do you seek in life today? What do you seek not?

Today you no longer hover over this day of life. Today you drop yourself into your day. You enter it, the same way you enter a movie or a Broadway play. You walk in with a sense of expectancy. You don't know what to expect, except that you expect something good to transpire right before your eyes. And you anticipate coming out of the theater somehow different and better from when you entered, as if someone else bearing your same name leaves the theater.

What can change but your mood? And what is your mood but your perception at a given time. What is your mood but what has taken over your awareness. Mood is your frame of mind. What forms the frame? Who makes it?

Today is a pop-up book. And you are the one who pops it up.

Or today is a piano you play. You play it with your heart. Your heart presses the keys.

Your heart is a mediator between Heaven and earth. It is an equator. Your heart draws a band across the universe like a silk sash. Your heart carries the day.

Your heart directs the day's orchestra. Your heart chooses the music it will hear. It chooses its own direction.

You are singing a song of yourself.

You roll out the tune.

You are a traveling organ-grinder.

You thought the day was something that happened to you. But, rather, your day is something you attract and dispense. You are not the victim of your day. You are the announcer of it, and you hear your own voice echoing back.

This may seem unfair to you because you have good days and less good days, and you have seen yourself as an innocent victim of the day, but you are the harbinger of it. A day is as good or as bad as you say it is. What are you going to say about today? Admit that you have something to do with your day.

I say that today is like a restaurant with a huge menu. Choose to order that that which you like and devour it. You don't have to taste or chew what you do not like. Don't spend time on it. Don't stay with it and stir it with your fork. Move on. And don't take it with you. That which you do not like does not have to color your day.

Let Me color your day. I will color it the Sun. I will color it rainbow. I will color it mountain stream.

You are a chameleon, and you have taken on the color where you thought you were. You have thought you were the color of your environment, but you are the one who colors it. You are capable of great art, but you are not sure about that yet.

What colors do you choose beforehand today?