Thank You for Inspiring the World

God said:

How about an assignment for you today? You will like it. It is this:

Be of good cheer. So simple. Whatever occurs, your assignment is to be of good cheer. No ifs ands or buts. Just be uplifting.

Be true to good cheer. Have the mind set of good cheer. Invite it.

If you stub your toe, be of good cheer. If someone looks at you cross-eyed, be of good cheer. There are no regulations that say you have to be without good cheer. There is no such agreement. Hold up good cheer like a voting placard. You are destined to be on an even keel.

I know you would like to be good-natured. What possible advantage is there in being crabby? Remember, dear ones, one reason you are on Earth is to inspire others. One way or another, you are inspiring others. Note what you are inspiring others to. Hard feelings?

Do not think that being honest requires that you give into bad moods. Be free from reacting. Someone snubs you? What is that to you? You don’t have to like it. You also do not have to be decimated by it. The measure of you is not to be decided by anyone but you. You decide your Life.

It is not for you to be proud of being sensitive. Sensitivity toward others may be a good thing. Sensitivity toward yourself may tend to be putting yourself down, perhaps a form of pouting. Dear Ones, you have had enough sensitive reactions to last you a lifetime. Be of good cheer.

There is actually a town named Good Cheer. Maybe there is more than one. Be from there. Let your true name be Good Cheer. Nothing is to get you down. This is not pretending. This is Being. This is your True Being.

Good-nature is worth rubies. If you have been knocked down, pick yourself right up. This is how you do it. Right away.

Who told you that you are to be allergic to snubs or anything? This is not honorable. Shrug your shoulders and be of good cheer. Don’t be too good for plain Life. Give yourself a break. Let slings and arrows be no more than water rolling off your back. Hoard nothing. Certainly don’t hoard insults. No longer do you let what you perceive as an obstacle to cramp you.

Is there anything admirable about being a crab? What is so wonderful about having to be admired? Your allegiance is to yourself and Me, not to ego. What is so important about what a critic has to say about you – or what he or she appears to be saying about you?

Letting go of the past means not holding on. Certainly don’t hold on to feeling cross. Let go of bad moods. Be of good cheer. Cheer yourself. You are not a cry-baby. There are better things to cry about than a possible snub from someone in the world.

Having your feelings hurt is a waste of time and energy. Hurt feelings are not to be proud of. Hurt feelings are not to be your preoccupation. Shrug them off. Why are you here on Earth? I assure you that you are not here in order to pout.

Even when your pouting is justified, it is not justified. There is no good excuse for being down-mouthed. There can be 100 excuses, and not one good reason.

No longer do you collect hurt feelings. Absolutely not. Do you want that inscribed on your gravestone that you were good at collecting hurt feelings? You have far greater powers to develop.

Don’t be a grouch, and don’t marry a grouch. It takes no talent to be a sourpuss.

Don’t let it happen to you.

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Remember, dear ones, one

Remember, dear ones, one reason you are on Earth is to inspire others.
This is your True Being. True! True!