Thank You for Arising

God said:

How lovely is a day with God. How lovely is a day simply wanting to be with God. How lovely is a day full with God and Service to God and Service to the Universe. How lovely is a day when I, God, am your Prime Mover, a day when you do not even think of yourself, a day when you are One with the Creativity of Life and the Beauty of Being One with God and One with Everything.

This is a day when the Whole Universe is knowingly contained within you. You are the Universe. Nothing is outside of you. No longer do you appear to be a small dot on the horizon. Now, you are the horizon and beyond the horizon. You are not contained within the Universe and all the Galaxies. You are not a portion. You are Infinity Entire. All of Infinity is your Identity.

No longer are you this or that. No longer are you filled with varying emotions or a preponderance of thoughts and memories and activities. You are vibrant. You are the herald of all energy and all light. There is nothing outside you. Nothing exists outside you. There is no wrapping. You are all that exists. All is contained within you. There is nothing that is not within you. Divine are you.

You are the Union of the Universe. You are Oneness, and there is nothing that is not Oneness. In one step, you cover Heaven and Earth. Nothing exists apart from you. You are Existence Itself.

Listen to what I am saying. Nothing exists outside you, and all is shining within you. This is your True State of Consciousness. No longer is there assumed individuality dashing here and there. No longer is there smallness of any kind. There is no departure. There is not entrance. There is Unity. There is no time or passage conceived.

Once you lived in a little yard. Now you cover the Universe. Now there are no gradations and no boundaries whatsoever. Now you are unbounded, and all is within you, and, yet, there is no end to you. You are not bordered. You are not made of borders nor are there borders undone. Oh no, borders do not exist. They haven't been invented, not even thought of, not even imagined.

It is not that borders are looked down upon. They simply have never occurred. Who would choose dividers? Now nothing spoils your view.

Now you have an idea of what Vastness really means and what Vastness means to you. Now you have an idea of what Vision really means and what Vision means to you.

Vision and Vastness are all within you. There is no longer a presumed outer. All is inner.

There is no longer hunting and finding. Now All is established within you, and yet All is Nothingness.

Now you understand the Meaning of Meaning. Now you grasp that there is no time and no space. Vastness and Infinity are unlimited.

There is Love Unbounded. There is Love that requires no object. There is no more, and there is no less. The Essence of Life is unwrapped Love and Beauty. Come now, beloveds, there is Being.

Now you understand the Meaning of Being. Being has no subject and no object. Being is the Silence. There is nothing to grasp. Being is ungraspable. Being Is. You are Being. You are Love. You are Nothingness, and you are Love, and you are Being, and I am Being. This is what you are full of -- Fullness Itself. You are the Blessing. You are the Blessed, and you are the One Who Blesses. There is nothing less than I AM, and nothing is less than you. We are Oneness of Love, Oneness of Being. We are Oneness Bursting Open.

Thank you for arising as the Sun That Shines. You yourself are the Enlightened.

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I am speechless. I can't say

I am speechless. I can't say how impressed I am.

My God, thank you for these words! Thank you a thousand times!

Dear Clemens, your comment

Dear Clemens, your comment sure makes me take a good look at this Heavenletter. Another humbling exhilarating Heavenletter. This sure makes us sit up and take notice. And to think that we are part of this all over the world.

It is I who Thanks You Dearest God

This Heaven Letter moves me to tears of Joy. Finally I AM willing and able to Forgive Myself for forgetting who I AM. I AM ONE with ALL.

Joining with you, dear

Joining with you, dear Christine. Thank you for all your inspiration.