strength of spirit

Whose Ship You Sail

God said:

It is good for you to know that you don't have to bend to every circumstance that comes along. But that does not mean for you to be resolute. This is not a question of will. It is a question of coming from strength. Toss out all your ideas of weakness.

You are not a piece of wood that is buffeted up and down by the ocean. You are the ocean. The ocean does not resist what sails on it, but it doesn't flounder either.

The winds that blow are not the maker of you.

I am the Maker of you.

God's Endowment

God said:

You have made anchors in your life. Certain people and traditions and organizations are your anchors. Yes, they anchor you to earth. But you do not need anchors.

If you will, you can think of Me as an anchor, but that is a contradiction because anchors don't lift you to Heaven. Better to think of Me as a Lifter of Anchors.

Remember, it is not your love for another that is an anchor. Love is a freer. Attachment is an anchor. It is an anchor you make up. An anchor is something or someone you grab, push into the earth, and say it holds you there!

The Occasion of Today

God said:

You start tomorrow today. Today you set up tomorrow. How do you treat today? How do you welcome it? As you serve it, you will be served.

Serve with splendor, and you will have a splendid day.

Treat your days with respect.

Days don't hassle you. You hassle them.

You wrest them as though they were something to fend off.

Look forward toward today, and set the tone for tomorrow. Tomorrow is an extension of today. It is like you pull tomorrow after you.

Today is the day you write on, and it is printed tomorrow.

The Dawning of You

God said:

Sometimes you think your veneer is your strength, but veneer is only a thin coat and is easily chipped. And then you feel depressed. But veneer is not your strength, and it never was. Veneer is your peeling ego, and when your ego is peeled, you feel depressed.

Congratulate pangs of depression because they let you know that your ego has been chipped. You, the heart of you, cannot be depressed, because you, the heart of you, is inviolate. Only that thin skin of ego can feel depressed. Some picture that you made in your mind started to dissolve. Its dissolution is inevitable.

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