service to God

Buddha Sat under a Banyan Tree

God said:

What miracle would you want today? Would you want the sun to shine, winds to blow, fresh air to breathe, mountains and oceans to see? Would you like the blue sky by day and the dark blue star-filled sky by night? Would you like water to drink and water to wash your hands with? Would you like faces to light up when they see you? Would you like smiles to come out like stars when you appear?

Would you like love and love alone to stay in your heart? Would you be happy to see anguish and all its brothers and sisters flee from your heart and from the face of the world?

Deep in Your Heart

God said:

Deep in your heart is a well of love. It is your job to pull up the love and serve it to everyone. It is easy once you get the hang of it. Get the hang of it now.

You will create a fire brigade of love. The fire brigade you are part of will put out all fires. You will fill every home with the love from your heart. In unison with those you love, you will become an army of love. Can you feel the waves of your love now overtaking the land? How wonderful is this! Love surges through you and out into the world. This is what you are made for.

Watch Love Grow

God said:

When you feel love for another, you are feeling good about yourself.

Everyone knows that feeling love for another is not a deliberate act. Certainly, love in your heart for another can grow. Love does grow, love can grow even from where love was not, yet love cannot be assigned. Love takes root in your heart of its own accord. Love cannot be made to happen. Love in your heart is a beautiful sprout that grows in this direction or that as it wills.

God Thanks Us

God said:

My trust in you is great. There is no limit to My trust in you. It is not even trust. I don't have to trust. I know. I know you as well as I know Myself. I know you much better than you know yourself. You don't yet really know yourself. You see yourself with gaps and blurs. I can even say you don't see yourself at all. You see perhaps a fraction, and you may mis-see that fraction. I am inclined to say that you don't see yourself at all.

The Host of the Universe

God said:

If I called your name and you were to come before Me, and I asked you how you are doing, what would you say to Me? I doubt that you would tell me your complaints. Of course, I realize that you might be speechless. Being speechless can be a good thing. Be speechless often.

Imagine that We sit knee to knee. It is your turn to speak. What words would fall from your lips?

Behind the Scenes

God said:

Will you consider that every single thing that occurs holds its blessing, even those matters that are clearly tragic in the world's eyes, even those events that are totally incomprehensible to you? You cannot see any value in a tragic event. No one may see any value, and yet in the long haul I am telling you that there is a value. Beloveds, in any case, it behooves you to accept this idea. Seen or unseen, trusting in what I say holds you in good stead. Bear in mind that which you may perceive may not serve you.

A Gift of Light

God said:

My light is always shining. I am not a sun that sets. I am ever a sun that rises. I rise in the East and I rise in the West, and I rise in the North and the South. In every direction, I am seen. There is nowhere you can turn where I am not. You are always in My view, and I am in yours, whether you acknowledge it or not.

This Is the Question to Ask

God said:

There are some questions in the world you do not ask. You do not want to ask: "Am I ill?" Don't ask it. Don't even ask yourself.

I will not list all the questions that you would be wise to refrain from asking, yet I will name a few.

Do not ask, "Am I happy?" Do not ask it. Just be happy. By the same token, don't ask yourself if you are unhappy. Simply don't ask. Let unhappiness not even be a consideration on the horizon.

In Service to Greatness

God said:

Sometimes you quake at the bereavement of your thoughts. Sometimes you feel that all is lost. Consider that all you consider lost or losable is illusion. That is all that loss can be. You can only have the illusion of loss. You certainly have the fear of it. Fear is illusion.

Polishing God's Gold

God said:

When you recognize and accept that love is the sum and substance of life, then you have to recognize that love is not an emotion. The core of life cannot be an emotion. There is not enough substance in emotion to support life so how can emotion possibly be the core of it?

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