What It Means to Serve

God said:

From what do you flee? Knowledge of yourself? Is that why you run around so much and involve yourself so much in others' lives? What are you afraid of finding out? Are you afraid to find out that you are a Holy Being established in Truth? Or that you are not the blessedness I attest that you are? What do you run away from?

You may complain about the rat race, yet you are not confined to it. When you run around so much, there is something you are running away from. When you are not at peace, you are fleeing something.

This Is How Love Works

God said:

You know the reciprocity of Oneness of Love when you give milk to your baby. Serving the baby is serving yourself. Your breast is emptied, and your baby's tummy is full.

That is an example of love and how mutual and natural it is.

And if you give your baby milk from a bottle, still you are giving the love from your heart.

As you serve another, you serve yourself. This is how love works.

This is not to say that you divest yourself in order to serve. To love does not mean to sacrifice. To love does not mean that you are deigned to sacrifice.

The Altar God Wants You to Raise

God said:

You know you are important to Me, yet what if you were not the most important thing to yourself? How would your life be different? If you were not uppermost in your mind, what would be uppermost instead? What would fade and what would grow? And what then?

Life in the world is all about you at the same time as it isn't about you at all.

Your Heart Is Your Bond

God said:

Every person on Earth has his own agenda. He has his own way of viewing the world. In effect, each person lives in his own world, and yet, still, each person is everyone. You are everyone and everyone is you. Everyone shares the same spot.

If you were to time travel, or someone were to time travel to you, you would still be two human beings, and you would recognize each other. Even if you did not speak the same language, you would communicate, one heart to another. Sometimes you communicate better without words.

Serve the Server of All

God said:

Serving Me is the greatest pleasure you will know.

You serve only Me. You do not serve others. I serve others. I may serve them through you, but your acts of service belong to Me. When you know the truth of this in your heart, then you know humility. And then you know gratitude for the life you have been granted.

Love Unfolding on Earth

God said:

The owner is the one who serves the most. The owner of a business works long hours. He works extra hours while he gives his staff time off. The owner is the one who cares the most, and he thinks about his business all the time. In his caring, he is not thinking about himself and all his likes and dislikes. He is thinking of the service that is his to give, and so he serves.

Department of the Universe

God said:

Consider that you wear a badge on Earth that says Customer Service, Department of the Universe. When you recognize that this is your role on Earth, you are enlightened. You are not here for yourself. You are here for others. You are here to serve others. You are God’s customer service representative. You are not the one who expects the world to serve him. You are one who serves. You are one who makes life easier and better for others.

You show others the ropes. You reveal the blossoming world. By your life, you point out the sights. You become the revelation, beloveds.

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