Royalty All

God said:

You are all Cinderella and you are all the Prince. You stay by the fireplace until, one day, you come to the rescue of yourself. And you are also the Fairy Godmother who waves a wand over you. With the waving of the wand, Cinderella wakes up to a reality that had lain dormant within her. The wand did not transform Cinderella. The beautiful gown did not transform her. They merely let her be known. Beneath the cinders, she was always Ella. The wand was merely a signal to her of what was always so. And so the wand was herself as well.

The wicked stepmother was also a part of Cinderella that had kept her in misery and away from joy. And the wicked stepmother is also a part of you, for you sometimes treat yourself no better. You could consider the wicked stepmother as circumstances beyond your control, and yet, who holds you back more than yourself?

The wicked stepsisters are some of the thoughts you serve but that do not serve you well.

Your current life is made of the content of fairytales. Ogres seem to exist outside you, but they are your own many fears made overt.

If all the characters in fairy tales are phases of you, what are the characters in your life then? They too are like your thoughts. There are meanies and there is royalty. You reverberate to them. You invite them both into your mind. The royalty you make welcome, and the meanies you let intrude. Who allows them entry into your mind and heart if not you? You let them take over, and when you don't like the contents of your heart and mind, you blame the meanies. And so you call yourself a victim of circumstance, and you call life a toss of the dice.

The key also lies within you. There is a treasure chest, and that is also you. You are the contents of the treasure chest as well. All the treasure lies within you. It is inherent in you. What is not treasure is not inherent, but you may have adopted non-treasure, made it your own, so in that sense you have treasured it. Have you not thought that you cannot live without trouble of one kind or another, or not for long. You call that fate, or how it is, but is it all fate? Could some of it be premeditated?

Pay attention to what you attach your thoughts to. Your thoughts are the seeds you sow.

Make yourself an appreciator. From appreciation flows your princehood. It has to be that you are royalty, for are you not from Me? The child of a King or Queen is a prince or princess. It cannot be otherwise.

Starting now, appreciate yourself, for, from you, all blessings flow. They flow from Me as well, but you are My continuation, and so you bring forward My selfsame blessings. You who are the blessing are also the blessor, and you are also the one you bless. That is how you are everyone in your life. You cannot bless another without shimmers of the blessing falling on you.

But, ah, it is the same with criticism or ostracism. The ashes also fall on you.

Wherever you are now, pick yourself up and brush off the cinders. You don't need them. Accept your status, and then be it, for so I have appointed you. I cast you into the world so that you might disburse My light and invalidate the dark. I pass a wand of My light over you, and now you know you are be-lighted. You are My light on earth anyway. So be it.


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