God said:

There is no will but Mine. And some latch on to it sooner, and some later, but all come to My Will.

Who does not gravitate toward love and intelligence? Who does not want to be on the path to Heaven? Who does not desire more of My Presence? Some see this more clearly than others. Some see it not at all, and yet, they walk in the same direction. There is only one direction, and it is toward Me. You go in the direction in which you already are and to which there are no steps. You seek that which is already in your hand. You leap to catch the treasure that already fell at your feet.

Life is a boon granted you. Life is not a lesser choice. You may think you have been sentenced to life on Earth, but you are a tourist on a short tour. If you must see life on Earth as a sentence, then see it as a sentence to remind you that you are on your way up the golden ladder that reaches and issues from My heart. We are connected by the heart, beloveds. The heart is your doorway to the Universal Soul. It is with your heart that you see the Vastness. The Vastness surrounds you and it is also encapsulated in your heart. The Vastness is love. Love is the golden ladder. All is love, so all is the golden ladder.

And you discover that no ladder is needed. You are at the summit. You stand at the highest mountain, and Vastness is before you. Love got you to the top, and love is what you see when you get there. Love alone is, and love alone carries you and places you before Me, as if you were ever anywhere else. There is no away when it comes to Me and Our love.

But, on Earth, you get caught up in particulars, and you look away from the Vastness for a moment. Yet your eyes are irresistibly brought back to the canvas. All the particulars are overlay. They are a mere cloth over the canvas. The cloth is easily removed. The canvas is permanent. It cannot even be scratched. Only the covering on it can seem to be.

What if you do have a perfect life? What if this life you so often find heavy is perfect, and you are the perfect one to live it? What if you are like a rivulet that follows nooks and crannies and still reaches the Ocean? What if you are never anything else but Ocean, but an Ocean so busy following certain tracks that you forget where you came from and you forget Who you are. You forget to remember.

But there is such a little difference between forgetting and remembering. They are the same line cast. All you have to do is flip over the line and look at what is on the other side of it. Forgetfulness does not block remembrance. It merely covers it. Remembering is accessible. Forgetting is not permanent. Remembering is. Remembering is not diluted. It is not erasable. It is indelible. You cannot forget that which you do not know. You can only seem to forget that which you already know.

The whole universe is in service to you because you are in service to Me. You are inevitably in service to Me. There is No One else to serve, and there is nowhere else to go. Whatever it is you do, you are in service to Me. You have free will to know it or not. You have free will to run with Me or balk. You have free will to accept or deny your acceptance. But My Will itself, you follow. You take strides or you lag. Nonetheless, you are on your way to Me, and that is My Will, and you follow. Do you not follow Me in your understanding now?


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