Remember Your and Everyone's True Divinity on Earth

God said:

Beloved, when it comes to life on Earth, you have heard more than once: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” You also well have heard: “Look before you leap.”

In the extant world, opposites are also true even as it is not always easy for you to see this.

“Hurry up! is one kind of advice, yet the Hare does not always win the race. The Tortoise may win the race while the Hare takes a nap.

It’s not so important to win a race as it is to enter into the race. You have a part to play. You are not to sit around in life like a wallflower.

Nor do you have to be a stand-out. You aren’t looking for renown, yet you leave your footprints in the sand. You don’t have to star in People Magazine, yet I do ask you to live your life to the fullest.

Beloved, I keep my eye on you. I follow your life, and I root for you. It is My pleasure to see you unfold like a rare Lady Slipper in the Springtime.

No one in the world may grasp your full merit to the degree that you and I do. I count your blessings, and My light shines in your eyes. Of course, I feature in your life. There is a reason why I follow your story. I invite you to feel the joy I take in your presence on Earth now and forever. I relish you. I insist on your being here. I brought you here for something. I brought you here to fulfill that which no one else can quite fulfill in the way you can. You are to extol the world. Better a world with you in it! You are here for something.

Godling, I sing your praises for good reason, and so may you sing My praises for the glory of all. Everyone who is here on Earth has signed up for Me. You don’t have to steal the show. You are here for many reasons. One is that I requested you bright as a song here as a voice to sing out for Me on Earth. Sing out, and sing out again so I may hear your sweet voice and so you may hear Mine. Of thee, I sing. Hallelujah, and of My blessings you sing!

The whole world is made of a chorus of angels on Earth. This day on Earth has come today, this very day on Earth.

Blessed be you, and blessed be the world. Life on Earth is for a reason. There is nothing on Earth that is without great purpose. No one is excepted. No matter how hit or miss life on Earth may seem to you, everything and every Being, including an ant working away with industry in a tiny ant hill, is here for good purpose. You may not have yet seen your own Divinity, yet not ever are you here by chance..

Glory to you. Your picture of yourself in this lifetime on Earth is about to change. You will know that the world is richer for your presence. Whoever reads this Heavenletter today – and whoever does not – you are about to wake up. You are to take a keen look. Your estimate of yourself and your destined ballgame on Earth this time around is going up by leaps and bounds. You are about to discover you are a star on Earth. You are nearer and dearer than you have contemplated. You are not just hanging out in this world on the odd chance that your life is meaningful. Your life is meaningful. You and I dreamed a dream of you, and something wonderful is happening before Our eyes this very moment!

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I AM Presence

I AM Here Now. I Always AM.
Keep Up The God Words.
I AM The Amplifier.

God bless you Zeeshan. Thank

God bless you Zeeshan. Thank you.


well, this is all reassuring. Very much so..