Real Gold

God said:

Earth life is infinitesimal. It feels to you like forever, but it is a quick moment in the passage of time. Of course, time has no passage, so whether on Earth or not, you pass through eternity, and that is the same as being centered in My heart. Since life in a body is such a short interlude, why would you not be happy? Earth life is not forever. It will end. Why then waste a drop of Earth joy on all that it is presently wasted on?

It simply is not necessary for you to experience less than joy. Never mind what has happened before, and never mind what will happen. You are happening now, and you have the choice of joy. Joy wants to be chosen. It is actually your lineage, joy is.

I am telling you to wring joy from life. I am telling you to have joy from one dawn to the next. I am telling you not to interrupt your joy. All the calamity on Earth is a passing fancy. Where is it written that you must not have joy? Joy is available.

This means you have to let go of all that which is not joy. You have to let go of it in your mind. You must throw out all the riff-raff that has sneaked into your heart. Or blatantly walked in as if it owned the place. No need to accept intruders into your heart. Open the floodgates of love in your heart. So much love will fly in and give itself there will be no room for anything but the molten gold of love in your heart.

Your heart will become shipshape. Your heart will expand so magnificently that it will embrace all of creation. The love issuing to and from your heart will be so great that nothing else but love will exist in the universe. Nothing else but love does already exist, but you will begin to perceive this. You will begin to accept the truth of this. You will become honest in love.

Not this adornment that passes for love in a love-starved world, but the real gold of love. It will be like a vitamin capsule that courses through your bloodstream twenty-four hours a day. Truly the real gold of love courses throughout eternity and all the known and unknown universes. The real gold of love will be so gentle, so full of grace, that it moves like a butterfly's wing. It will be like a moist mist that permeates all of creation.

What are you waiting for? Let the love that lives in your heart take dominion and dispense with anything less than itself. There has been enough anger, dismay, regret, recrimination. There has been enough of less than love. Amazing how illusion has taken over truth and proclaimed itself King. Who would choose illusion over love? Only those who are deluded. Only those who don't know they have a choice, and even some of those who do know they have choice are yet afraid to choose.

How much folly there is in this transparent world.

Your heart will hurry up and ascend to its legitimacy. You were to love born. Love bequeathed and birthed itself. The Oneness of Love fulminated, bringing the world to its knees. Now the world can look up and see love and seize it for all. Blessed be the love in your heart. It is advancing now.


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