Raise Your Own Vibration

God said:

When you are feeling lost, the question for you to ask is not: "Where is God?" The question for you to ask is: "Where am I?"

Where are you? Where are your heart and mind located? What occupies you? What gets to you? What reaches you? What do you reach for?

Spend your life on what you want to spend it on. Not so much on what seems to come at you. What comes at you, you have called. The more attention you put on it, the longer it stays. Do not nitpick your life.

There is a larger horizon for you. Just a few more steps, and you will be there.

Do you begin to see how the past keeps you back? It is not the past, of course, but your attention on it. The past from a moment ago swells in you. Let the presence of Me swell in you instead.

When you feel aggravation or hurt or loss or the myriad of things you feel, insert Me instead. Play your life like a slot-machine. Keep feeding it Me, and you will hit the jackpot.

But the jackpot may not be what you have thought it would be.

The rewards will spill over, but you may be surprised with the jewels that befall you. Perhaps you were expecting tinkling glass, and you receive other gifts instead.

Here's the secret: Be happy with what gifts are given to you.

You wanted THAT, and instead you got THIS.

What you really have wanted is your own way, even though you have not the faintest idea what that really is. You see all the shiny gold in front of you, and you think that is what you want. Certainly you are attracted to it.

But a little further is a mountain of golden light, heaped with jewels and gold of another kind. Would you dismiss a treasure because your mind has not conceived it?

Would you refuse an apple tree because you coveted one apple?

There is something else you really want, and it is yours to have. And it will find you. No matter where you are, no matter where you are looking, it will find you. You may seek your treasure, but your treasure is certainly seeking you.

You are your own secret. You are seeking yourself. You do not yet know the treasure that you are.

You seek your fortune, and you do not know that you are your fortune. You are your good fortune. Anything less than good is not you and has nothing to do with you.

I am using the word "good" in the pure sense. Not evaluatively, but in the sense of the essence of goodness. You know what is good, and what is not. I am not talking of good as simply how you feel, yet truth does feel good and less than truth does not.

Anything less than truth is binding. Truth is freeing. What you really want more than anything is the freedom of truth.

Truth has a bad press, as though truth means something disgraceful being found out. But that is not truth. That is incident. There is no truth that is away from grace. All truth is grace.

Notice your breathing. When you run away from truth, or fear it, your breathing is one way. When you embrace truth, it is another. Truth frees your breathing. And, oh, how you want to breathe free!

You have surrounded yourself with many little lies. You inherited them, but not from Me. Let Us call illusion what it is: it is a collection of lies. There is one truth, many lies. Truth eases. Illusion tenses. You thought it was otherwise. You may have even thought it was the reverse.

Now you choose truth because that is what you really want. You have spent enough time and energy on what is not truth. Step a little higher. Stand on tip-toe, if you must. Raise your own vibration.


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