Play Back God’s Message

God said:

Stick with Me. Be true to Me, and worries will fade. Record My message and play it over and over again until it sinks in. My message is:
“All is well.”
Whatever life may look like to you, all is well. The sun is up in the sky. Grass grows. Stars come out.
Many conclusions you draw are assumptions. Assumptions seem real, yet they are not.
The whole Universe is serving you at the same time as you serve it.
Tragic circumstances seem real to you. I do not make light of what you go through, though I tell you truly, beloveds, despite your pain and suffering, the worst that really happens is that three oranges are being juggled up in the air, and one drops. Yes, of course, people do fall off the edge of the Earth, even though, in Reality, there is no edge to the Earth to fall off from.
Keep your heart high. Keep your spirits high. The God of Love says that all is well. This is not a pat on the back. This is not manufactured comfort. This is not purple prose. This is the Truth I speak. This is not fantasia. All is well -- this is Reality.
All the woes of the world, all the entanglements, all the estrangements, all the tears, all the shouts, all the fear and trepidation are like cartoons you look at, at the end of which, when you consciously inhabit Vastness, you will laugh.
Hearts seem to break, yet hearts pull themselves together. You pull your heart together, and you get up and continue to roam around the Earth. Surrender to joy. Surrender to joy as much as you surrender to sorrow. Joy is real. Cause for joy is real. Sorrow is an invention. Sorrow is not real. It is made to look real. It feels real. Sorrow, pain, suffering and such are all based on patterns of thought. The Truth of Existence is love. The Love of Existence is Truth.
The True You is not the dramatically written fictional one. Just as a uniform of any kind has no existence of itself, the same can be said about the manufactured you. A façade is a façade. Even a good façade is a façade.
You are a Great Soul in a uniform referred to as a body. A body takes up space in what is called space. The material does not truly exist.
“How can God say that?” you ask. ”How could I drive a car unless a car exists? Look, here’s the steering wheel. How does a steering wheel steer a car that doesn’t exist?”
As in Monopoly, the paper money is all play money. It serves as currency on the board game, yet it isn’t really currency.
The real currency is love. Love is the economy of the world. More than that, it is the economy of all Creation. The only true is love. Love is all that exists.
“God,” you may say, “You exist. You say I exist only as You. I would like to experience that.”
Dear One, I Who Am -- and the individual you who is not – also are love. That’s it. There is no counting. There is no other than I and that means Love, Love on a Grand Scale, not a smattering of love, but Love Exultant, the Beingness of Love. Love Still Yet Whirling, Love All That Is Tumbling Over Itself.
You are not off an assembly line like a piece of candy. You are, Truth be known, totally The Fullness of Love, Love Vibrant and Viable, Love Perpetual, Love and Nothing Else But Love,
So help Me, God.

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I AM Gratitude to you,

Dear God Holly Father,
i Am Gratitude of all your messeges Breing to earth Like a flower,
balsam in to our soul,

Beloved Carmen, you are

Beloved Carmen, you are always an inspiration to me, but you already know that!

A Gift From Above

Oh how I could get lost, lol, in Heavenletter Land!
Thank you so much for sharing these extraordinary works of the Art of Godwriting.
I Bless the day we met Precious Lady Gloria. That is so True about not judging the writing.

Messiah and Apostle Rev Colleen Etana

I love your expressions --

I love your expressions -- Heavenletter Land and the Art of Godwriting!

Thank you.

I really felt the words "All

I really felt the words "All is well" in todays HeavenLetter. Above all else, all is well. And to sum it all up, all is well. I can feel my tight grip loosening. My need to get somewhere else relaxes just a bit, and I notice a calm that was hovering in the background. I like plans and I like to be objective where it is possible. I like noticing that the calm I experience is soothing and relaxing and not just a fantasy. Something real enters my experience in a very tangible sense. Much of my life I have hoped for magic. I wanted to be warped into a new reality. I like the word tangible today. A new foundation is growing and has been for a while, and today I like noticing that it is tangible to me. I am beginning to recognize when I feel lost and when I feel peace. I like realizing that I can choose peace, and over time I learn to value it more highly because of what it tangibly brings me.

Whatever I value I will invest in. For me realizing that a sense of peace is tangibly real and actually possible and attainable has been my biggest hurdle. As my recognition of its reality solidifies, I invest in it more. In the beginning it seems we have no choice but to kid ourselves, because we are looking for something we don't really believe exists. But there is a point when something clicks, when we recognize the reality of what we are looking for, if only just a glimmer of it. If we willingly invest in something with few noticeable results, I imagine when we finally notice the reality of what we've invested in our willingness to invest in it will skyrocket and the tangible result will also skyrocket. I'm seeing this world like an elastic sling shot. Certain perspectives have been externally rewarded and others constrained, and so for a while investment seems to be without result, but true cause and effect can only remain hidden for so long.

Chopping down mistaken conclusions

It is very helpful for me to be reminded of important ideas. Like this letter pointing out that conclusions based on false assumptions are no more true than the assumptions on which they are based. The assumptions that support my view of the world tend to get buried, though. They disappear; they become unconscious. But whether true or not, my life is built on these hidden assumptions.

As Aaron points out, reflecting on the reality of “all is well” can root out a lot of hidden, false assumptions. Many of my errant conclusions breed frustration and anxiety, and all manner of other unpleasant emotions to disrupt my peace of mind. There seems to be no end to the confusion this insight works to remove. I try remember, whenever I feel off balance or uncomfortable: All is well.

Sometimes I feel concerned

Sometimes I feel concerned about something I say or write. Perhaps I said something too strongly, or maybe there's a clearer way of saying that, or perhaps after further inspection I change my mind. I can feel anxious and replay things in my mind as I seek freedom from my own self criticism.

The freedom I can realize is from all those little concerns that follow me throughout my day, those little tiny concerns add up and can dishearten me. I don't have to address them because a solid sense of peace cannot be founded on anything I have ever said or done. There is a rest in finding that right now, in this moment, all is well. I don't have to go back and adjust anything or wish I did anything differently, because true peace can't be found back there anyway. No matter how splendid my past might have been even if I did everything perfectly, it never would have been enough to satisfy me, because it isn't really here.