God said:

I see a pattern. I see you want what you want when you want it, this very minute. And when the world does not hustle to your very tune, you walk away in a pout. NOW is the word you cry out from the circle of your mouth.

Excuse Me, please, beloved ones, why does anything have to be now?

The pressure for now denotes an impatience. Dear ones, impatience becomes you as much as a demanding cackling wicked witch.

First of all, time does not exist. So what you call now is no more than a whim of yours. How can you be impatient for Eternity?

Secondly, who are you to stamp your foot at the universe because it goes by a different clock than yours, or, rather, by no clock at all?

Who are you to stamp your foot at anyone or anything?

You who are to teach patience to the world have to learn patience NOW.

Patience is no more than joy. If you want to have joy, and I believe you do, you have to know that patience accompanies it. There is no joy with impatience, that lordly bossy disheveled harridan.

Let today be the day when impatience makes its exit. It bows off the stage of life. Impatience was the moustache-twirling villain of the play. Boo to the villain landlord who, instead of rent, takes your joy. In his haste, he takes joy from you, and you bowed and scraped. Now you no longer bow to impatience. Impatience's reign is over. Dethroned.

Patience is not a stand-out. It is not even something to notice. Patience just is, well, quietly patient. Not even patient because patience sees no horse to be whipped to go faster. Patience makes no fuss at all, calls no attention to itself. Patience just kindly winds itself around the Universe like a floating dancer with veils. Patience is truly the opposite of its parading stomping antonym.

Three cheers for patience who sits and waits without even tapping its foot. It certainly never bites its nails. Unobtrusive, patience is ever-serene like a beautiful landscape painting of blue sky and floating clouds. Accolades to patience. Carry patience on your shoulders like the athlete who just won victory for his team. Surely, patience wins every time. There is no equal to patience.

If you are impatient, know that, in patience, you have a brave servant. Patience does not give you wear and tear. Patience is like wonderful rich cream that you pour on your cereal. This rich cream has such a smooth texture, and so easily goes down the gullet.

No longer do you have a choice, beloveds. Patience has to be the horse you choose. Life is already going too fast for you to abet impatience. So, down with impatience, and up with patience. Do not be deceived. Patience is worth gold. Impatience, the squeaky wheel, does not get the grease. It throws itself at you and gives you indigestion. It may wear fine garments. Inside, just like fear, impatience is a puffed-up blustery ill-wind that blows no good.

Are you impatient now to start practicing patience?

You will have no lack of opportunity to begin. Right and left, you will see great occasions requiring your patience. Probably everyone you know will teach you patience, and they will be thankful for your patience, as will you.

If you ever find yourself falling off the wagon of patience, simply ask yourself, "Who am I to be impatient? By what divine right, am I like a horse, breathing fire, chomping at the bit, creating havoc before me?"

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Well, patience has never

Well, patience has never been my strong point. But remembering God is the doer helps.

Thanks for reminding me

Love, Marie

Oh...patience is so

Oh...patience is so sublime...and so much anxiety just falls one relaxes ... completely... into each moment...unafraid and undisturbed by the particular contents! But we are all learning still...(The last couple of days for me have been very churning and a little crazy for me!...and this is my mind's take on heart is fine...It was like I was surfing...and sailing along smoothy on the crest of a wave...and this "I" that I call myself..."wiped out".) I believe my true identity to be my heart...or the ocean...of love...which spashes a bit at the surface!!

So blessings to all of you...enjoy the ride...enjoy the waves...even if they appear to toss you around a bit! Loving you. Jimi

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

There is always a drop of

There is always a drop of serenity seeping into me from your posts, Jimi.

I say thank you. You can forward it if you want.

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said for his team
Patience accompanies joy
And wins every time

God said quietly
Patience is ever serene
And a brave servant

Love, Light and Aloha!

" . . . a demanding cackling

" . . . a demanding cackling wicked witch." ???!!!

Are you planning on burning someone at the stake, Gloria, or simply making excuses for the Church having burned so many people that were accused of being witches? After all, if "God" thinks of witches that way, the Church must have been right to torture all those people to death, right?


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