Our One Truth

God said:

Beloveds, I gave you My troth. We are betrothed. I give it to you now. We are Truth. The Truth is that We are One.

Beloveds, it isn’t so much that you are to trust Me. From the world view, how can you trust Me, rely on Me, depend upon Me when, at any moment, something untoward and inexplicable can happen to you in the blink of an eye? From the world view, somehow, somewhere, when you expect it or when you don’t, in whatever manner it may occur, your body will lie down, and it is bye-bye for you -- as you may see it.

Yeah, you feel certain that you can trust Me about your body’s dying all right! You can count on Me for that. It will inevitably happen. How and when, you don’t know. You do know that a moment will come when a seeming Big Hand out of the Sky will whisk you away.

The cause of your death can be unknown. There can be no rhyme nor reason, and still you will not live in your body forever, so you have heard, and, so there you are. Even as a young child, you caught onto the meaning of what is called death.

At the same time that death -- this closing of your eyes and your ceasing to breathe -- is inevitably yours, you can’t quite believe it. It just seems eerie, not real at all. Not your death. No, not yours.

Furthermore, you may be the finest person in the world all your Life, and, still, even as the miracle of adjudged death reaches out for you, you may feel you are singled out for a disastrous end. The idea of death has throttled the Life out of you.

No matter who you are in the world, something is going to topple you over. Neither wealth nor poverty will exempt you from this fate. Beautiful or not beautiful -- makes no difference. Young or old, the same. Before you were born, you were given a death sentence and not told when.

Nevertheless, as you feel chagrined about death and equally chagrined about Life Itself, you may cry out to Me:

“God, I am not ready to let go. It is too soon. God, don’t let me go. God, still too soon -- Ka Boom! -- for this which is called death to get me.”

You might further say to Me:

“God, some moments, I do feel Your good intentions. Some moments, I feel Your Love reaching me, and Your Love raises me high, and almost I trust, almost I dare trust. Nevertheless, almost doesn’t pay the bills. Almost doesn’t save lives. Almost hasn’t stopped strife and war. Unbelievably, Beauty and Love and cruel wars coexist. I wish I didn’t mind all that goes on in the world, but, Oh, God, I do. Life in the world is worrisome. Still I want it. Let me keep it. I have no objection to being in Paradise, yet must death be a requirement for it?”

Oh, yes, so deeply do you plea.

I, God, look deeply into your eyes and say to you straight out:

Dear Ones, no, death, as you perceive it, is not a requirement. If our Troth were known, you would know you are in Paradise right now. Even all your Life, even in your moment of letting go of Earth, even in the moment referred to as visited by death, you can know without doubt that there is more to you than meets the eye.

Beloved Ones of Mine, does a flower die the moment when it reaches Full-Bloom?

Beloveds, when an Ocean ebbs or when an Ocean reaches High Tide, is either one or the other death?

Beloved Children, when the Ugly Duckling becomes a Full-Grown Swan, is he experiencing death?

A transition from one state to another does not toll death. It tolls Life. Beloveds, there is no death. Hear Me, there is only Life. Hear Me once and for all. There is no death.

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Wow, this strikes me as a

Wow, this strikes me as a remarkable Heavenletter. God, You sure know how to talk!

Beautifully said! Thank you

Beautifully said! Thank you God!