Opinions Are Only Opinions

God said:

Difference of opinion means just that, a difference of opinion. There are hundreds of opinions. Who says that one of them has to be the true one, that one is right and another wrong. All opinions are the truth of what they are. In that sense, they are all true. You do not pretend an opinion. It is yours. Opinions aren't arguments, but arguments do often arise from opinions.

It is not that an opinion requires an objection nor agreement. It requires understanding. It requires allowance.

If you have red hair, and it is your considered opinion that red hair is the loveliest, you do not fight people who do not have red hair. If your hair is curly, you do not require that everyone in your acquaintance have curly hair. You do make other requirements just as silly however.

And, of course, you yourself may have one opinion today, and another tomorrow. You don't object to changing your opinion when it changes. When your opinion does change, it has moved on further, at least away from where it was to someplace else. And now your opinion is new, and you are just as adamant about it as before.

Consider that opinions are stepping-stones. Your foot is on one now, but there are other ones to put your foot on. Your foot is meant to move. It looks for other footing.

Opinions aren't more than opinions. They are only guesses. They are the truth of where you are this moment, or, what you believe to be the truth of where you are this moment.

Opinions are momentary beliefs. And you hold your beliefs dear. You seem to want to adhere others to yours and never be swayed to theirs.

Your opinion is your business. Someone else's is theirs. Allow them to own it.

But what do you do when a decision about subsequent action has to be made when different opinions are held? That is your dilemma, and that is often when opinions become life and death matters to you, even when it is only a question of what to spend money on or what color to paint a room. Something matters to you, and you cannot say that it doesn't matter, and then a difference of opinion has suddenly become an issue.

Many opinions are just habits of thought. You like them because you have always liked them. You hold them dear now because they were dear in the past. You may not be so closely invested in them as you think you are. They are just there, these opinions. They are handy, familiar, and right there.

It would seem that Human beings must hold an opinion. They have to be coming from somewhere.

You stand physically in one spot of earth, and you do not believe that everyone else should be standing in the exact same spot you are.

Just so, you do not really want everyone to move over to your spot of thinking. The idea that they do warms you for a moment, but most likely then you would feel freed to move over to another opinion yourself.

Sometimes it is not your opinion that really matters so much to you. What may matter to you is that you have your way. And once you have it, you don't know what you have gained.

Seek not to gain.

When you look to gain, you are expressing your belief in losing.

Or, if you wish to gain, seek to gain understanding. Seek that you will understand because when you give understanding, you are the one who gains it.

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Your opinion is your

Your opinion is your business. Someone else's is theirs. Allow them to own it.

so freeing indeed....
much love


I love this site.Here are raised topics I have always cherished. Whenever I see people quarrelling because of their different view points, I realize that we need to see the difference between facts and opinions.

Opinions are simply opinions. Facts are facts.The facts do not need our opinions.Opinions and desires are associated.Opinions and wishes will not change the reality.I firmly believe that whatever we think of people, things and events, affects ourselves.

The names we call things, people and events is the main cause of suffering, pain and divers neurosis and psychosis. Two people have two different and oppose opinions.They will oppose one another because of their opinions.

Everthing changes and usually the thing we call bad may be seen by another as good. We must transcend human opinions. We really don´t know.This is the reason why I never reject people.

Those things or people we do not like can become the unique bridge for us to overcome a difficulty or reach our goal.

It is vital to understand that we have opinions and not facts.Even facts are not the Reality.