Only on Earth

God said:

What are We really, the so-called you and the so-called I? If We are One, where are you then? And what are you but My Self?

How you long to be I, and yet how you long to keep the remnants of your teeny-weeny outer self as well!! How precious are you to yourself!

Sometimes you wear royal robes, and sometimes you wear rags. I mean, of course, how you present yourself to the world and how the world and you may miss out on your Splendor. You are at sea a lot as you swim in multi-directions back and forth and very often float on your back. Thankfully, you have the sky to look up at.

You want Everything. You don’t want to become a conclusion forgone or not. Honestly, your limited personality is dear to you. You recollect your personal self as sweet even as you may regret your presentation of yourself in the world. You even seethe against how you interact with the world. You put yourself on a scale and weigh how you are doing as how you are doing is the summation of you, as if one approach is your whole story.

You see yourself messing up in the world more than you can bear. You may extol yourself even as you are appalled at yourself. Dear Ones, you may well be missing your cues. What if you didn’t put yourself on a scale at all and find yourself wanting, how about that?

I have to ask you: Why hang on to apparitions noted from the past. You heap the past on the past while I say: Let bygones be bygones.

Isn’t the word bygones much more lovely than the word past? The word bygones presents a clearer picture. We won’t call the past a fly-by-night, yet We could. We could.

While you are housed in your body, you who are nevertheless Eternal, seem to insist on ruling out the possibility of Who you really are, and so you may choose to fiddle around and keep your illusions. Your illusions are not nearly high enough. You may tend to lower yourself by accepting less, perhaps even forgetting that you are meant to ride high on the Wings of Possibility and not just tread water.

You swear that time marches on and leaves you behind, as if you have no say about who you are.

If you find yourself on a ship, walk the bulwarks. Use your binoculars, and you will see further and dance to My Tune.

Aspire. Aspire beyond the day-to-day world. You are sure you are based on Earth and that’s that, whereas I tell you time and time again that your base is in Heaven where you hardly dare to believe, as if in Heaven, you would be lost.

Get this into your head. Only on Earth are there either/or choices for you to make. This is your quandary. You put yourself in a spot whereas, in Truth, the whole Kingdom is yours. Surely, I created Earth, yet Earth is also of your making. You spin the wheel, and how you spin is the lay of the land. There is Earth, and on Earth, there are people, and people are the Captains of Earth. You are a Captain of Earth. As you go, so goes Earth.

I created a Miracle when I created you. I created you Love. Love, and you will create your own Miracles. I say, “About time!”

Faith in Me doesn’t mean that you sit around and wait for Me to perform. Faith in Me means that you get up and deliver your Love onto all four corners of the world and beyond. Give away your Love all over the world. Pull the world up to Heaven. Pull yourself up to Heaven. Climb these steps. Deliver yourself to Heaven. Make no bones about where your jurisdiction is, for your jurisdiction is everywhere.

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I love this: by gone...this purifies the past and when the past is purified what remains? Why, Love of course. Life is a miracle created by Eternal Love. I am grateful to have this gift of Life on Beautiful Earth. Thank you.


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