Oneness Is Not Loneliness

God said:

Loneliness is from the past. You were in a big city and thought you were on a deserted island. All sense of desolation is an idea. You adopted the idea of loneliness, and you have supported it ever since. You have held loneliness on your lap for too long. You have squeezed loneliness tight. Loneliness has been like a steam kettle on the stove when you forget to turn the gas off. You have kept loneliness lit long and often. Loneliness is something you snatched onto. You caught it.

The idea of loneliness is something like a virus that you carry in your bloodstream. Any time you get run down, the loneliness virus starts up. It can be a thought, a word, a look, any kind of slight, and the loneliness virus has you in its grip.

Your destiny is not loneliness. Oneness is not lonely. Oneness is not only-ness. It is fullness. A full heart doesn’t hang on to loneliness. Put loneliness behind you. Put it out like a cigarette butt. Look loneliness straight in the eye, stop it, and tell it to be gone.

We could say that you feel lonely when you swallow your heart, when you put it aside, when you isolate it. You may isolate your heart because you feel it needs to be protected from any roughness, and so you isolate your heart. Loneliness is a decision you make. It is a winter coat you buy and then complain about it as if it had been thrust on you.

Of course, you well know that you can be in a crowded room, at a gala event, at a masquerade ball and feel alone. Loneliness is not a question of where you happen to be located. You can be alone by the sea and feel the thralldom of good company. Let your thoughts be good company. Warm your heart by the fire of love. Let your mind and heart have the pleasure of good company. Invite welcome guests to your heart. Always am I in your heart. Never do I forget you or your heart. Consider Me the Companion of your heart. Your heart and I go hand in hand. Let your heart go walking with Me.

I will show you the sights. I will point out the beauty of life and the beauty of your life. I will give you a royal tour. I will take you to green pastures. I will take you to a still sea. I will take you everywhere. I will whisper love to you. Your eyes will light up and your back straighten. What great posture you will have. How your step will quicken.

There is no need for you to be stricken with loneliness.

When you feel that virus coming on, hold someone else’s hand. My hand stays in yours no matter what. What have you got to lose but loneliness? Shake it off, beloveds. Shake it off. Start today where you want to be.

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Thank You :)

Thank You :)


dear God Heavenley Father,
thank you dear God of al messeges and sopurt
in our love life thank you you are here for as
of eny moment of life, and calmness in our heart tought
and mind, your heavenletter you give as inergy in our felling
from the morning to evning, thank you so much your advice
to all of as

I will whisper love to you.

I will whisper love to you. Your eyes will light up and your back straighten. What great posture you will have. How your step will quicken.

Yes my Father I know what you say - my back straighten! How amazing you point this out today.

Always am I in your heart.

Beloved Gloria, The most

Beloved Gloria,

The most fortunate ones are those who can 'feel' the presence of God within. There is no question of loneliness for them.

Well, I just wanted to know what is the aim of human life according to God, I mean, where should one go after his physical death according to God?


Beloved Chetan, will you

Beloved Chetan, will you kindly do a search on Heavenletters, and tell us!!!

Search is incomplete!

Yes Your Highness, Gloria, I carried out your orders and searched for my own query! This is what God says about the death:

God said: Death is an illusion. Actually, it should not be mourned because it is a good thing that happens when you leave your impermanent body and enter into the realms of light.This is the place where doubt and darkness do not exist and one is fully in the bright sunshine of God's love. We meet our loved ones in the world higher dimensions.

But then one question remains- what is the purpose of taking a human body and go through many painful experiences? Does God not accept the law of karma which says that one has free will and as you sow you will have to reap?

Thanks, Chetan. Here is one

Thanks, Chetan.

Here is one Heavenletter:

According to this Heavenletter, there is no karma.

Would abiding by karma, would we not being living in the past?

I am sure there are more Heavenletters that look at what you ask from another point of view, dear Chetan. .

Dear Chetan,I believe you

Dear Chetan,
I believe you are right that ones are fortunate who can feel God within and there is no loneliness and I love this view.
Because of your question to karma I did a search. It looks like God does not accept the law of karma.
There are comments and Heavenletters to that issue, if you want to have a look! This for example:
beloveds. They are tricks of the mind. There is no karma nor childhood or improper upbringing to use as an excuse. You are not to ...
Kirt wrote on 03/29/2007: "With all the discussion of Karma going on, I searched the Heavenletter archive to find what God would say" ... ... Those who feel helpless in life and under the yoke of karma have a scapegoat. That is their free will to do so. They can attribute the ups and downs of their life to karma or astrology and shrug their shoulders, or they can, at any moment, ...
And this Heavenletters I found to "Karma"
# 1427 and 1776

This I have found by searching "karma" by content:
Listen to Me carefully here. The circumstances of birth are not an accident. All circumstances are to grow from. Someone in opulence certainly seems wealthier than someone in hunger. If you were born spoiled, you have to rise from that. If you were born poor, from that you too have to rise. Each person born on Earth is born to rise from the circumstances he finds himself in.
If there is suffering, the intellect has misconstrued. Until the intellect has a different way of seeing, it can only misconstrue.
You don’t have to be fooled by the intellect. There is another view in sight.
If you came across people with leprosy frequently, you might say to yourself: “What have I done to attract this?” You might take it personally, hold yourself accountable, karma and so forth,

On todays Heavenletter I have the feeling there are profound answers to your question: why human lifes:
The created world was My desire.
Not really improvised because what can My tune be but on key and of the essence?
the whole world hears My music even when you don’t know you are hearing Me. My river runs deep.
“Wake up,” I say.
If I am a Marvel, what are you?
You are not a stranger to Truth, the Truth of Me, and the Truth of you which are One and the Same.
There is the Unity of Heart that I know as One and, deep down, that the seeming you knows as One as well.

As far as I belief, God accepts every decision we make in our human lifes. God holds the truth for us, shines it continously over us and through us and speaks to us in many ways, in order that we will find the Truth within our human lifes. A short answer might be "Love".
God bless you! Uta

Dear Uta and Dear Gloria,

OK, from your discussions we come to the conclusion that there is no karma.

Does it mean that we are free to behave the way we wish to? This is a big lottery because we have a free will and above all, it is not going to create karma!! No, No, my heart doesn't agree with this.

Why is it that some souls come to earth in human bodies while others as animals, birds or insects? Why one is born in palace and another in slums? And why some are born healthy while many others are born diseased? Why some sleep hungry while some have indigestion due to overfeeding? In a mob of 1000 people lightening strikes a few while others are spared.....And for the same answer in an examination students get different marks...should one conclude that the world is running randomly or haphazardly ?

I clearly remember a sentence from a certain Heavenletter where God says- YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHATEVER BEFALLS YOU.
I agree. We have a free will. God has given us fire, now it is in our hands whether to use it for cooking food or for destroying somebody's house.


Dear Chetan,

Believing in Karma means that we believe in time. Time is an illusion. Karma can only be 'created' when there is a sequence in time.

But we live all our life's at the same time.It seems in the World that there is time. Time may be needed by humans to have a sense of sequence, because without time it would be very disturbing, all things happening at once.

Believing in Karma also means that we believe in guilt. But we are innocent in the Eyes of God. All is what it is. There is no good, no bad.

These are labels that humans use. We label things in order to understand our life, the world, our neighbors, family and so on.

There is written that there is a thing like Karma, or sins of your ancestors, which could be the cause of someone being blind of disabled. And so Karma was born.....

Nevertheless for me it is not easy to understand this all, but I do my best and try to live from my heart, not my mind. Because the mind/ego always wants to label.....

For me God is Love. And this loving God I see in Heavenletters.

(I always believed in Karma, Dharma and so on, but reading about being The Son of God , Illusion of Time and Space and Heavenletters changed my mind)

from heart to heart, namasté, Anneke

I am learning a lot from

I am learning a lot from you, Anneke. And from you, Chetan, who opened up this whole area of discussion.

God says that there is much that we do not understand and perhaps can't at this time.

All of us who come here, I believe, want to live right action because it's right, not because we are fearful of consequences. If I understand, with the concept of karma, we are living in the fast. How do we ever get out of it?

Coming up on the blog in a few days is a little bit about conscience, and, it seems, some of us have too much!

Hi Chetan,there might be

Hi Chetan,
there might be Karma here on this earthly level, I don't say there isn't, not at all. But in Heavenletters, God is answering from a higher level and there karma and our state of living and suffering does not exist, we are One in God in Truth and we are Love, so do I understand Heavenletters. And I understand, we are fully responsible to our life - however it looks like... and that is the really difficult thing to understand on earthly levels I think. What means fully responsible? It may be that we choose born healthy or born diseased... Why not? It may be that we are in the possibility to decide every moment of our lifes. God says: If you were born spoiled, you have to rise from that. If you were born poor, from that you too have to rise. Each person born on Earth is born to rise from the circumstances he finds himself in.
The Heavenletters I showed up in my comment yesterday could give you answers. Did you read them?

Hello Gloria, Uta and

Hello Gloria, Uta and Anneke,

After reading all your replies the picture seems pretty clear now.

When seen from earthly (lower) realms, we are bound by time, there is karma and illusion.

When seen from the higher realms, there is no time, no karma and no illusion, only happiness!

Spiritual practice is needed in order to transcend the lower realm and attain higher realm.It is a free will for each individual to decide his choice.

Ultimately when one comes to the practical level of weeping,suffering, agony and hunger, it is highly impudent and impertinent to call these things as illusory.Suffering is as real as bliss.

Wish you all a happy Valentine's day!!

Beloved Chetan, forgive me,

Beloved Chetan, forgive me, I cannot keep quiet! I have not a minute today to post, yet here I am, enjoying debate with you!

Who says we have to have spiritual practices to attain a higher realm?

Next, although I certainly see the point you are making, what does God say about suffering?!!! Is God highly impudent and impertinent to call the illusory illusory?!!! Truth and reality, as we see reality, are two different things.

Happy Valentine's Day to you, beloved Chetan!

Dear Chetan, thank you for

Dear Chetan, thank you for pointing out to us that suffering is as real as bliss. We face suffering in our life around us and within our own body. So how can God call suffering and even death an illusion?
I imagine, this is just an invitation of God, just an invitation to see life from another point of view. From another perspective. So that there might be an opportunity to live our life without suffering. I belief we can - this is my dream while listening to Gods words. I would like to change this World in a better one, without suffering and so I listen very carefully and hope, there is a way.
Do you believe, that we need spiritual practise in order to reach higher realm? I believe to be fully responsible requires to take another road.
I am sorry because I used the word "higher", "another point of view" sounds better to me now. Hope, you have a good day today. God bless you. Uta