Now You Know

God said:

Beloved, My Beloved, aligned are We as One. We are aligned.

How wonderful is this. You are defined, yet perhaps left by the wayside for as much as you can tell in the mistiness of life.

And yet We, Our Own Oneness, issues from the Infinite. We come from somewhere and not from nowhere.

Instead of calling forward-moving yet unnoticed inactivated thoughts and questions – also known as prayers – wow, they are answered! They come true before they are asked before the concept of prayer is assigned to them.

What is a prayer? It is not crying for something. It isn’t begging. It is a song of a bird’s singing: “Hi-ho, off We go.”

This is Oneness. I said it long ago. I will say it again. Others like poets also speak of this loveliness, and many ways are there to speak of the same Tryst.

Here it is:

“The Seeker and the Sought are One.”

“The Seeker and the Thought are the Same.”

“Oneness is.”

“That which you seek is ever Your Self.”

“You have ever been seeking Your Self even as you are Your Self long before you own up to it.”

This is knowledge that springs Eternal upon you. This knowledge is intimately yours. This knowledge never was not yours, yet there is a moment when it dawns on you to ask of life: “What’s up, Doc?”

Where has God been all along, or Buddha, or Christ or any of the good names of God, the One, and the Only Oneness? I, you, may even be Known as the Unknown, or I might also be hinted at as possibly too good to exist and be held upright before you. What in God’s Name are you actually after all but I and nothing but I?

You love a mystery. It all comes out now. You discover Me, and you recognize that I am also You, and as One, We, the One of One, shake hands on Truth for all times’ sake. You and I are One and the Same. What a coincidence or, as many of My children like to say: “A co-inky-dink!”

And aren’t We, I, also for the fun of it!? I, We, can count the stars first hand and weave a tapestry. Hallelujah!

This is greater than the discovery of the century. After all, what is a mere century? Nothing but the blink of an eye, nothing but, while still far greater yet than this.

And Who discovered Me but you Yourself, I, God, am proud to say.

The curtain went up on stage! Well, sure, you can hardly believe this truth all along. This knowledge snuck up on you. What a revelation! It is the true story. The truth is revealed. This is the day the truth is known and ever was. All is ever known and never unknown even as it is sought after.

Even as you get it, you are not done with this delicious turnaround, for it always comes back to you. How can this be? How on earth can this life be? In Heaven it can be, yet, on Earth, can it really? This isn’t the Earth you always knew as a fact. Even as it is ascertained as a fact. Life is a mind-turner. You have been pulled onto the rack. Life is on the move, and you have been surmounted with lions of thought also on the move.

How peaceful can life be when you have been a stranger to Paradise and have been, so it seems, set aside and unrecognized by the world at large? God, You give Your All to the world when it is the world that is so uncertain.

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"This isn’t the Earth you always knew as a fact."

God, remove everything I think is a fact. I assume so many things. Remove all of my assumptions, they are not really mine, they do not belong to me. I do not know where I am. I do not know what Earth is. I do not know what human beings are. Well, that is not really true. We are GOD. I do not know the implications of that. I do not know exactly what that means, but I do know it's True.

Can You please erase everything else from my mind and heart, except The Truth? Can You please remove all distinctions between You and I? Thank You God.


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