Notice God Today

God said:

It has been said that you need peace and quiet in order to commune with Me. That is incorrect. Commune with Me, and you will have peace and quiet. There is nothing you have to be in order to commune with Me except but what you already are, right in this moment. There is no need to dress up for Me. There is no need to lower the radio. Lights do not need to be turned on or off for me. If circumstances are not the making of you, they certainly are not the making of Me. No conditions are needed for Me to appear to you.

When you are in noise, you can hear Me. When you are in distress, you can hear Me. My silence is enough for all of Us. My silence is powerful enough for Us all. My silence is a very strong vibration.

You have the capability of My same vibration, but you need not wait until We resonate in order to hear Me. Hear Me, and you will resonate.

What you desire will come to you. It may come in a different shape, but it will come. Your desire sows fulfillment.

If there are no limits on you, there certainly are no limits on Me.

Call Me, and I am there — here — with you. I was with you before you called. When you call Me, you become more aware of Me. So call Me to you, and you will be aware.

Let My Name be a refrain. Let My Name be a haunting tune that you cannot get out of your head. How close to Me do you want to be? Do you want Me to go in and out, or do you want Me?

Are you afraid of Me?

Do not be afraid. I am not a disciplinarian. I am One Who tends to you, and I am tender. You deserve a benevolent God, not a fierce one. In any case, I am benevolent, not fierce. There is no need to draw away from Me. There is need to meet with Me.

We have an assignation today. We made it long ago. You have forgotten the time and the place. But I have not. I will guide you there. I am waiting there — here — right now, so I cannot miss Our appointment. You will be here too, only you may not know you are, or why you are, or what to expect, but, now, know that you can expect Me.

Where would you like to meet today? At the post office? At home? At work? In the street? In a restaurant? At church? In a bar? Do you think there is any place where I cannot be? Do you think there is any place where I am not? I abound everywhere, and everywhere I wait for you. I lie in wait for you. I am loyal. My eyes wait only to meet yours.

All the time that you thought you were without Me, you stood outside your view of Me. But not outside Me. You cannot be away from Me any more than I can be away from you. Only, your vision needs adjusting. Sometimes you just don't look. You look around at everything but Me. Here I am, waiting on the street corner for you, and you walk right past.

Today, look for Me. Look for Me everywhere. I am in plain sight.

I am within you, so how can you be anywhere without Me? Where can you go that I am not? And where would you want to?

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This is so sweet.

This is so sweet.

His silence...

I pulled this beauty up today on the CG:
Yes God...I know how powerful your silence is. You allowed me the privilege of experiencing it numerous times. It almost felt as though my chest, mind and emotions were paralysed to make way for your/my true silence, so it could come forth. How I would love to know and experience this 24/7 and for you to possess me permanently!


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