Nothing Is Owed You

God said:

Why take disappointment so hard? Is not the disappointment itself enough? Must you add grieving to it? Must you draw disappointment out so that it burrows in your heart, and your face is turned from joy?

You know you will get over it. You will return as you were. Your heart will fill with lilting songs again. You will even forget about the disappointment. Really and truly, why is disappointment so major? Certainly, life goes on with or without disappointment. What really is changed? The sun still shines, and you are still you. You met a minor impediment, that's all. What you thought you wanted, and wanted for good reason, did not appear. For no good reason, it did not appear. But what do you know of reason? Reason is unbeknownst to you. The reasons you see are immediate. The reasons you see are dreams. And yet you are supposed to have dreams. Make some new ones.

What is disappointment after all? You didn't get something you wanted. Your will was not done. Your hope in some matter was taken away from you. So you take a detour. Maybe you wind up in the same place, or maybe you don't.

I can tell you a cure for disappointment. Remember that nothing is owed you. When you let go of the thought that something is owed you, you will not take disappointment so hard. The truth is: No one has to do anything that you want, even if they said they would. No one owes you anything. No one is under obligation to you. This is important to remember. When you accept the concept that nothing is owed you, then you can let go more easily. Have you not desired the ability to let go more easily? And have you not also thought that some things are your due? It is judgment that says someone owes you something. And you are not also one who desires to be free of judgment? Don't hold on to disappointment then. Free yourself from it.

Sense of disappointment is not a bridge you need.

You must grant free will to others, including the free will not to do what you want of them. What a freeing thought this is! You, of course, have the free will to sulk about it. Some sulk their whole life long. But you also have the choice not to sulk. You have the choice to get up and walk. You have the choice to bless the other, and you have the choice to bless yourself. How can you bless yourself when you are tied to disappointment?

Sometimes you feel that someone can't do this to you. By what rule is that? Perhaps it is by the rule of ego that you feel this way. Ego sets traps for you. Ego draws conclusions. Ego would tell you that because this or that happened or didn't happen, it means that you are not loved. Ego says it means you have been discounted, that you are not important, that you are unworthy, that you have been mistreated, abused, or, at best, neglected. Is this not what ego tells you in a masterful way?

Better to go by the rule of love. The rule of love tells you: "Okay, so this happened. Kiss it goodbye. You can still bless those who disappointed you. When all is said and done, what really does this disappointment have to do with you? You were a bystander. You happened to be there. You don't have to stay there. You can put your hat on and walk away from disappointment. You can walk away from the temptation of disappointment. Come to Me instead. I am love. I am what you are. You are not ego. You are love, and so love be."

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Thank you, God, for

Thank you, God, for reminding me that disappointment is a trap by the masterful ego. You know exactly what I needed to hear, exactly when I needed to hear it.

Dear Candy, how good it is

Dear Candy,
how good it is to see that Heavenletters help us all to live our daily life in a better way. To get more and more aware, that loving is better than jugding...


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