Nothing but Light

God said:

Sense Me as light that showers on you from above. Now feel My light as it surrounds you, a halo of light around you. Now feel My same light entering you. Now feel My light rising from your heart, lighting you from within and expanding upward. Now feel My light within you emanating forward. Feel My light as a total body halo from within and without. You are entirely lit, full of light. My light expanded within and without you extends further and further until My light magnanimously encompasses all of existence, until there is nothing but this emanation of My light through you permeating the universe until there is nothing but light itself. My light from you is so extensive that it reaches back to you, and so you receive the light you have sent. You are ever-lit and you are ever-lighting, halogen you. Haloed be your light.

This light of Ours is the fiber of the universe. You are the sparkler of it. Our One Light wraps itself around the universe — no, not wrap — permeates the entire creation — no, not permeate — IS the entire creation. I created light, and from My light and My breath you issued forth, and now you are the extender of My light. Do you see now how you are? You can say I appointed you, but I more than named you. Light is light, whatever it is named.

You are not an intellectual extender of My light. It is not words that say you are My light. You are It. This is Truth. My light alit on earth in the form of you, and you are nothing but That. You may think you have an outline, but that is illusion. You are light entire, and there is no light apart from Mine. I am light too, so it is not even My light, because I am all light. There is nothing but My light. I am light, so how can light which I am belong to Me? Light I AM, and light you ARE.

If you see shadow, it is because you believe in the outline of you more than the light that reveals you and which you reveal. You are total light.

You are a high note of the universe that wrote itself in ink, and you see the ink marks more than you hear the high note.

You thought you were one chord, and now you see that you are another.

You are continuous light. You are a high note I play on a piano, and My finger has never come off the key.

Light and sound are the same because there is nothing but My light. All the senses pick up My light. Your senses assign attributes to My light which is attributeless. It must be without attributes because only light is. Your senses try to locate light which is unlocatable because there is nothing but light.

Adam and Eve began to question Oneness, and so they separated themselves. They began to look at light and particularize it. From subject they became object. But, now I speak of them as separate from Me, but they are only a metaphor for light trying to make particles of itself.

And now Adam and Eve, as you, put themselves back into total light. You immerse rather than question. You immerse back into the wholeness that you ever were.

Do not think that Adam and Eve sinned. First of all, there is no they. Second of all, the intellect arose and asked questions, that's all. It is not a sin to possess intellect. The error was believing the snake of intellect more than the sanctity of truth. They listened to something outside of themselves. They forgot they were Light.

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"If you see shadow...

If you see shadow, it is because you believe in the outline of you more than the light that reveals you and which you reveal. You are total light.

We forgot we were Light

What a wonderful view...


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