Nonexistent Time

God said:

When you feel you must hurry, you can know that you are caught in illusion. If something has to be now, this moment, you are skirting the surface of life. You are kidding yourself that unless you accomplish whatever you have decided you must, some catastrophe will occur. Your premise seems to be that If you don't accomplish on time, you will not have accomplished. I have to ask you What is the urgency? And you must ask yourself that too as well.

Hurry is the cry of modern life. Outward, outward, faster, faster, chug the train wheels of modern life. This must get done. Hurry, hurry. And then there is something else new rushing itself to the forefront, and you race behind time, trying to catch up to this illusive time. It is illusive and elusive. Give time its due. It has already won. You will never catch up to it or get ahead of it. But you can ease yourself from its thrall.

Time is not a genial overseer. It is a slave master with a whip. It is only a trick of time that you must obey it.

Set your own pace. You are not winning a race. You are winning a life. Make yours charming more than rushed.

All sense of urgency comes from a sense of time.

Another name for urgency and its pace of time is drama. Drama is onstage.

Every individual has his own sense of time and timing. One who is a mad dasher sees another as a dawdler. A dawdler may be a dawdler or he may be an ambler. If one dawdles all the time, perhaps he is dragging his feet. Or his mind and heart are elsewhere.

There is no hurry with Me. There is no slowness, for there is no time. It is serene without the urgings of time. Try it some time. There is no ticktock. There is no setting your watch. There is only being, and being has its own rush, as it were, a rush of love.

Why would a child of mine choose to get out of breath in life? Where does anxiety come from but from a sense of what has not been done or that which cannot be undone. Anxiety is residue from a race you have been running.

In order to live life, you have to live it. You can't whiz by it and extract its essence. Be not a flurrier in life. Be a sightseer. Don't gulp down your drink. Savor it. Notice it. Know what you are drinking. The point is not to push past this glass and grab another. The point is to drink it down and know what it tastes like. You are not in life just to skip over it.

What if today you paid attention to the ebb and flow of life and went with it? What if you were a walker in life rather than a runner? Would you miss more or would you gather more?

So I ask you, What is your hurry? What are you racing to? And where did you start from?

What kind of sense does this sense of time make? Yet you have bowed down to it and made it your master. You have made it into a tyrant. And one you can never satisfy, try as you may.

But what if you can step out of time for a while, for a little time not be in it. Not really on the sidelines but just not in the main fray. Perhaps rising above the fray. Being out of the fiction of time, you will have breath, and you will have pause, and you will have life.

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Dear God This must be the

Dear God

This must be the most loving Heaven letter, and do you know what. It corresponds to the point of what God told me all these years ago. Now I can breath, relax and be me. For the first time in a long time, time does not matter. True essence that I can identify with. A wonderful message to us all. God connecting within in a supportive way. Thank you for being here when I need you the most.


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