No One the Lonely

God said:

We have an assignation, you and I. Long ago, We made an appointment to meet. You are aware of the appointment, only you have forgotten when and where, yet I have not forgotten.

I will find you where you are, and I know the exact time, and I will be there. You do not need concern about it, because all is taken care of. Perhaps when you least expect it, you will look up. You will know something has happened. Even without sight, you will know that I stand before you which is the same as to say that you appear before Me, that We met at an appointed time, and We met face to face, arm in arm, united in love, brightened in light, overcome by love and light, Our hearts bursting in joy as they become, in perception, one heart perched on a tree of love, of love so tall, so encompassing, that there is nothing else to see, nothing else to know, nothing else to want to know, nothing else around, everything but love relegated to the background or everything but love vanished altogether, never to be found again, never to be disturbed again, nothing to trip over, nothing to look back on, nothing to know but the stirring of love, love supreme, love mounted on a white charger, love leaping, love unto itself, love pure, love vaulting over the Heavens and love charging down the freeway of all hearts, of the One Heart that is without peer.

How there will be rejoicing in Heaven! Of course, naught else will exist but rejoicing, and where rejoicing is is Heaven. All the lands will be filled with love abundant, love surmounting all, no longer recounted obstacles, rather love winning the day like lightning, love in every direction, love pointed to and from the heart, love overtaking itself, love totally full, yet not trafficked, just a serene path of light on which love travels and knows nothing but itself.

You want Heaven, beloveds? This is Heaven. It is right before you. Just come closer. Keep coming closer, and Heaven will assail you. Heaven will swing you around, and your heart will leap into Mine. Your heart will knowingly alight on Mine, and you will repeat the first sound that came from My throat. You will say, "Ah." You will not know anything else to say.

If you still had a vocabulary and saw a need to speak, you would say:

"Thank You, God. Thank You for bringing me to life so that I can think I'm wandering until I find You smack in my heart, as big as life, bigger than life, huger than the sky, infinite as Heaven, eternally Ours. Oh, thank You, God, for restoring Truth to me so that I can let go of a mad fantasy and return to Myself, as if I had never been away, which truly, I have never been. I simply had my eyes closed for a minute, the eyes of My heart sewn shut in disbelief that such golden fortune could truly be mine."

And then you would say more. You would say:

"And now I can see. Now I have stepped up to You and the Palace and to the Heart of All. Oh, to become Oneness. Oh, to be standing tall in Oneness and yet not standing at all, drowning in Oneness, being where there is no dry land, only the Ocean Deep, only to become One with the Ocean, to know magnificence, to know beauty, to know all that there is to know, to know love, to know light, and to know that I am the light You, God, hold high, to bask in Your light, to know it is mine and has always been, to grasp this, to have this awareness overtake me, to stop me in my tracks, to astound me, to make me whole, to make me me and to make me You, You forevermore, You as the only, no one the lonely, only Oneness, leaving me the fact of Heaven, leaving me in the thrall of love and nothing but love, nothing but Oneness, forever branded in love, existing as love and knowing Truth, knowing it once and for all, knowing it for all who do not know it yet, knowing it inviolably, knowing God and knowing God as everyOne."

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We Are Made In His Image

We are made in His image. God is the essence of love in the universe. That is our image if we can grasp it...hold it close to us. I love the image of God you portray, Gloria...the love you give to us, the love you show us. And I thank Him for your presence. We are here to love.

Beloved Lynne, I'm so happy

Beloved Lynne, I'm so happy to hear from you once again!

And what you write is so beautiful but here I go!!!! It's not my portrayal of the image of God. I know it's not. I am the same as everyone as I hear/read what God says. It's God's love. I yearn to have all that love that God says we have within us. Too often I don't.

I marvel at God's words. Thank you for being here, beloved Lynne.


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